The Basketball Manifesto
November 17th, 2020

The Basketball Manifesto is a 3,775 page, 1.2 million word-ish basketball reference book. And it is free to download.

It contains reviews, strategies, ideas, opinions, and a whole lot of thoughts on stuff. This document contains reviews, strategy, assessments, ideas and plans for every NBA team and every NBA player. It seeks to:

1) Look at the assets a team has to work with.
2) Look at what it already has.
3) Look at what it needs to address.
4) Lay out conceptual strategy for it all.
5) Discuss without preaching, except in some slightly preachier moments.

It does this 30 times for 30 NBA teams. Then it does the entire G-League, twice.…

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Demarcus Holland – 2018-19 G-League Player Profile
June 20th, 2019

Demarcus Holland

SG – 6’4, 179lbs – Born 2nd March 1994

   Agua Caliente Clippers   

Holland has just completed his second season of professional play, and his second in the GLeague after a full debut campaign with the South Bay Lakers that resulted in a summer league stint for the parent club. From an NBA point of view, there is a lot to like in his physical profile.

Despite being small for the shooting guard position, Holland is an excellent athlete with long arms, foot speed and leaping ability. Primarily, he uses these physical advantages to do two things – run the court at every opportunity, and play some very harassing defence.…

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Brandon Fields – 2018-19 G-League Player Profile
June 20th, 2019

Brandon Fields

PG/SG – 6’4, 195lbs – Born 13th August 1988

   Agua Caliente Clippers   

After three years away, Fields came back to the G-League this season, perhaps looking for some stability in a professional career that has thus far taken him to about 176 different countries (give or take). Stability in turn is what he gave Agua Caliente this season at both guard positions.

Never the best shooter with that Eric Gordon-looking release of his, Fields spent more time on the ball this season, looking to find his team mates and playing pick-and-roll/pop with Anthony Bennett. Not quite the explosive athlete he was in his youth, Fields is now more of a prober than the relentless attacker he once was, and as his explosion subsides, he instead looks to pass more on the move now.…

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Anthony Bennett – 2018-19 G-League Player Profile
June 20th, 2019

Anthony Bennett

PF – 6’8, 235lbs – Born 14th March 1993

   Agua Caliente Clippers   

This may have been the year that Anthony Bennett finally became the player he could always have been.

Drafted on account of his perceived combination of size and perimeter skill, Bennett has over the last two seasons become an absolutely excellent shooter. That true shooting percentage of .721% is not being done through dunks. Rather, the vast majority of Bennett’s field goal attempts are jumpers, often from behind the three-point line, and more often than not above the break. Hitting 42.2% from three-point range in parts of four G-League seasons, what was once an ancillary part of his game has now become the core of it.…

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J.J. Avila – 2018-19 G-League Player Profile
June 20th, 2019

J.J. Avila

PF – 6’8, 250lbs – Born 11th October 1991

   Agua Caliente Clippers   

Notwithstanding the sample size, if Avila can continue to shoot the three-point shot as well as he has done this season, he adds a further dimension to his paint-based interior game, a game that already makes him a threat at this and any comparable professional level.

With a big, wide, strong frame, Avila’s origins are to be found in the paint, where he has skill to go with the size. His slow, languid drives are nevertheless effective, getting to the rim and finishing through contact, and he is also a very good passer on the move.…

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2017 NBA Manifesto
June 29th, 2017

Hello! I am Mark, the owner and sole proprietor of this website,

A few months ago, someone said to me, “why don’t you produce NBA content any more?” The comment, meant with genuine intrigue, still proved irksome. “I do”, I answered. “I watch more than ever. I talk about it. I still write a bit. I’m working on projects.” All these things were true.

Still, they had a point. Look at the dust on this website, after all, and this is supposed to be the pinnacle of my CV. The comment was irksome because it was correct – I wasn’t actually producing enough stuff publicly. “What happened to that English guy who we briefly heard of?”,…

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Complete History Of NBA Luxury Tax Payments, 2001-2015
July 9th, 2015

NB: This article has now been updated and superceded by a 2022 version, available at

This website and its sole proprietor keep a spreadsheet containing to-the-dollar information on all luxury tax paid to date, updated annually. Here is the latest update.

In the 14 seasons since the luxury tax was created, it has been applicable in twelve seasons; in twelve eleven seasons, 26 NBA franchises have paid over $1.1 billion in payroll excess. The exact details can be found here.

NBA All-Time Luxury Tax Payers – sorted alphabetically (click to expand)

NBA All-Time Luxury Tax Payers – sorted by expenditure (click to expand)

(Orange cells denote the team that won the championship that year.)…

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2015 NBA Summer League Rosters – Brooklyn
July 4th, 2015

Darius Adams

A 6’2 scoring guard, Adams is trying to emulate David Logan and go from Division II Indianapolis right to the highest levels of professional basketball. And he’s doing a bloody good job of it. In fact, he’s already done it. A scoring machine, Adams has worked his way to the Spanish ACB in three short years after graduating. He led Division II in scoring as a senior with 23.2 points per game, followed it up with 18.9 points per game with Guaiqueries in Venezuela, followed that up with 19.3 points per game in the Ukraine with Kryvbasket, followed that with 18.0 points per game with Bremerhaven in Germany, and followed that up with 18.3 points per game with Nancy in France.…

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2015 NBA Summer League Rosters – L.A. Clippers
July 4th, 2015

Branden Dawson

From this year’s NCAA small forwards list:

Dawson is a power forward in a shooting guard’s body, which of course makes him a small forward by default. He is undersized but explosive, and capable of defending inside and outside. Capable in various matchups, Dawson can match up at the two, three and four positions, and is a physical specimen, combining athleticism with strength and a wide, wide frame.

Normally defending the post, Dawson gets by on defence despite the height disadvantage with this strength and with great discipline. He might be smaller than most opponents, but he is almost always stronger and more athletic than they are, and his long arms help make up for some of the difference.

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How Agents Make Money Out Of Rookie Contracts
September 26th, 2014

(originally posted elsewhere)

The general rule for agents is that their earnings off of negotiated player contracts are capped at 4% of the player’s salary. Indeed, 4% is an assumed amount unless otherwise agreed upon, as outlined in section 3(B) of the Standard Player Agent Contract:

If the Player receives compensation in excess of the minimum compensation applicable under the CBA for one or more playing seasons, the Agent shall receive a fee of four percent (4%) of the compensation received by the Player for each such playing season, unless a lesser percent (%) or amount has been agreed to by the parties […]

In practice, this 4% is rarely deviated from.…

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