L.G. Gill – 2018-19 G-League Player Profile
June 20th, 2019

L.G. Gill

PF – 6’8, 210lbs – Born 24th December 1994

   Iowa Wolves   

This season was Gill’s second in the G-League, one which began as a returning player with the Greensboro Swarm (whose roster he had made last season via the local tryout route) before immediately being traded to Iowa in exchange for the returning player rights to Terry Whisnant. Gill subsequently mostly came off the bench for the Wolves, filling in as a starter where required, and provided a decent burst of athleticism and occasional post-up play.

There is nothing spectacular about Gill’s game. He is an OK jump shooter, an OK post player, an OK transition player, yet very rarely a creator. He simply does not have that level of ball skill, footwork or shot-making talent, as evidenced by his free throw stroke. Any offence that Gill gets is situational rather than by design. He moves a little off the ball to get open and has some decent athleticism to go with his energy, but ultimately this is a underskilled player with no left hand, inconsistent finishing from all areas, bad hands and interior instincts with a wing’s frame. You don’t seek points from Gill – you just like the ones he gets for you out of the blue. And to change that, he needs to take and make more jumpers.

On the defensive end, Gill also plays with energy, but seems to somehow never win any possessions. He is not a rim protector, he is not a passing lane player, and he is not a rebounder, hindered by a lack of core strength versus his peers. He is instead an energetic player who moves his feet and keeps his hands up, rather than somebody who jumps to contest or reaches to win possessions. Gill is thus a fairly marginal talent from the G-League point of view, let alone from the call-up perspective. He does however have a role and plays it without complaining, so a third G-League season may be in order.

– 20th June, 2019

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