2008 NBA Offseason Preview: Charlotte Bobcats
April 18th, 2008

The second in a new series of posts detailing teams financial outlooks for the upcoming free agency period, what cap room they have, what exceptions, what draft slots, etc. Should be fascinatingly fascinating, if you’re easily pleased.

No information is 100% guaranteed accurate, but unless you’re privy to hitherto unknown information, or just better at this than I am (highly possible), then it’s probably more accurate than you’ve seen before.

To be completed in an order best described as “Random”.


  Charlotte Bobcats


Currently Committed Salary, 2008/09:

Jason Richardson – $12,222,221
Gerald Wallace – $9,500,000
Nazr Mohammed – $6,049,400
Matt Carroll – $5,050,000
Adam Morrison – $4,159,200
Raymond Felton – $4,148,715
Sean May – $2,661,026
Jared Dudley – $1,222,320

Total: $45,012,882


Team options:

Othella Harrington – $2,552,000 (no chance)
Jermareo Davidson – $711,517 (probable)

Total including options: $48,276,399


Unrestricted Free Agents:

Derek Anderson (cap hold – $1,001,793)
Earl Boykins (cap hold – $924,732)


Restricted Free Agents:

Emeka Okafor (qualifying offer – $7,082,635, cap hold – $13,568,268)
Ryan Hollins (qualifying offer – $972,581, cap hold – $893,693)


Draft picks:

First round: 8th pick, subject to lottery results. (Cap hold – $2,002,600)
Second round: 38th pick (no cap hold)


Cap room/exceptions:

None, unless they renounce Okafor….which they won’t. MLE and BAE, no trade exceptions.


Depth chart if you take all the free agents away:

PG – Felton
SG – Richardson, Carroll
SF – Dudley, Morrison
PF – Wallace, May
C – Mohammed


Sensible things to do:

Re-sign Okafor, but don’t overpay – let him find out how weak the market is the hard way. Get better backup guards, and whose presence the coach won’t hold against Felton. Keep Hollins or Davidson, but not really both because there’s not much point. Pray for a rainout.

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