Everything I have written this season
May 10th, 2014

Here’s a list of everything I have written this season, whereby a year is defined as July 1st – June 30th, the same definition the NBA uses. (An article from June 2013 is also included for the hell of it.) Having written for many different websites with varying levels of efficiency with regards to archiving, I thought it best to chronicle them all in one place. The articles are loosely categorised, but most if not all pieces could actually fit into multiple categories, so the definitions are slightly arbitrary.

This post will be updated between the date of publication and 30th June 2014. Not listed in any particular order, not even by date, except where obviously so.

It is perhaps worthy of mention that, with the exception of the ShamSports pieces, I didn’t write any of the titles.

Salary cap rules related

Why Cleveland’s Scotty Hopson signing doesn’t make much sense (The Score, 1st April 2014; detailing a mistake by the Cavaliers)

Why the Pelicans signed Ely and how they learned from the Cavs (The Score, 15th April 2014; something of a follow-up to the above, showing how it could have been done)

Bobcats gain much-needed outside shooting, Bucks do something (SB Nation, 21st February 2014)

Why the Rockets waived Greg Smith to sign Dexter Pittman (The Score, 11th April 2014)

Why don’t NBA teams make more preseason trades? (The Score, 17th September 2013)

Why Al-Farouq Aminu can veto a trade, but LeBron James can’t (The Score, 10th September 2013)

Why the L.A. Clippers are unnecessarily paying the luxury tax (SB Nation, 21st February 2014)

How the Grizzlies wiggled under the luxury tax (The Score, 17th April 2014)

Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin’s contract situations (ShamSports, 8th July 2013)

2013/14 Luxury Tax Payers, as it stands at 11.52am GMT on 13th January 2014(ShamSports, 13th January 2014)

The value of late second-round picks (SB Nation, 25th October 2013)

How buyouts affect the trade deadline and the postseason (The Score, 25th February 2014)

It’s official – Keith Bogans will earn $5,058,198 next year. All guaranteed. Keith Bogans. (ShamSports, 15th July 2013)

The repeater tax is going to transform the NBA (SB Nation, 21st November 2013)

There IS a difference between “team option” and “unguaranteed”, and it DOES matter (ShamSports, 3rd July 2013′ using Kyle Lowry as an example)

The False Allure Of Multi-Year Contracts (Originally Hoopsworld, 15th October 2013, reposted on ShamSports, 8th May 2014; borrows slightly from the above but with another pertinent real life example, Omri Casspi)

Why NBA Teams Sign Players They Don’t Want (Originally Hoopsworld, 29th October 2013, reposted on ShamSports, 8th May 2014)

This post is no longer relevant (ShamSports, 20th February 2014; a post written after the Spencer Hawes trade to be published on SB Nation, but later made redundant by the Danny Granger trade, which I didn’t want to delete as it took quite a while)

The right and wrong way to float in the NBA’s middle class (SB Nation, 25th September 2013)

The Steve Blake trade is really confusing (SB Nation, 20th February 2014; tackling the remarkably intricate subject of how TPE’s are used and created)

Marquis Teague trade a pointless, expensive deal for Brooklyn Nets (SB Nation, 20th January 2014)

How do you solve a problem like Taj Gibson? (ShamSports, 7th February 2014)

How do you solve a problem like Taj Gibson? A follow-up. (ShamSports, 9th February 2014)

The amount of cap room teams actually have, updated (ShamSports, 25th July, 2013; a post written partway through the free agency period trying to clear the muddy waters of cap space information)

Anthony Tolliver earned $273,697 and counting for one day of work, and it’s all thanks to Sasha Pavlovic (ShamSports, 11th June 2013)

December 15: When the NBA trade game can really begin (SB Nation, 13th December 2013)

Did Milwaukee pick up Gustavo Ayon’s option? Yes. Will they have to do so again in a week? Also yes. (ShamSports, 15th July 2013)

Complete History of Luxury Tax Payments, Updated for 2012/13 (ShamSports, 10th July 2013)

A short sharp examination of how paying luxury tax does not necessarily correlate with winning (ShamSports, 27th February 2014)

The same thing again if you take the Knicks out of it altogether (ShamSports, 27th February 2014; follow-up to the above)

The tax paid by title winners (ShamSports, 28th February 2014; another follow-up to the above, containing a wee snippet of information that the Complete History post should have already had in it, and that it will do from now on)

Salary Bookkeeping, 2013 (ShamSports, 1st July 2013; everything that happened with regards to options, qualifying offers etc at the end of the previous season)

Market related

Playoffs Full Of Parity (Hoop365, 24th April 2014)

The Truth About “Parity” in the NBA (Originally Hoopsworld, 5th November 2013, reposted on ShamSports, 8th May 2014)

What actually is tanking, and which NBA teams actually do it? (SB Nation, 10th January 2014)

How rebuilding can last forever in the NBA (The Score, 20th September 2013)

The increasing value of 1st-round picks (SB Nation, 6th November 2013)

The NBA’s middle class: where fringe stars now hang out (SB Nation, 18th October 2013)

Why Paul George’s max contract makes sense, but a DeMarcus Cousins deal doesn’t (The Score, 26th September 2013)

The Value of Minimum Contracts In The NBA (Originally Hoopsworld, 7th October 2013, reposted on ShamSports, 8th May 2014)

Pondexter’s potential got him an extension, now he has to earn it (The Score, 1st November 2013)

Mullins, Casspi and the downside of a longer minimum contract (The Score, 19th November 2013; this post is very similar to the one above, written six weeks before it; the similarities come from the fact I clean forgot I had actually written the original one.)

On Chris Smith and nepotism in the NBA (The Score, 15th November 2013)

The importance of emotion in early contract extensions (SB Nation, 18th September 2013)

Don’t call it a comeback: Good centers have been here for years (The Score, 12th November 2013)

Philadelphia 76ers show how to trade your best players and win (SB Nation, 20th February 2014)

Ten Of The Worst New Contracts This Offseason (Originally Hoopsworld, 30th September 2013, reposted on ShamSports, 8th May 2014)

When should NBA contenders fire their luxury tax bullet? (SB Nation, 3rd December 2013)

Ten Of The Best New Contracts This Offseason (Originally Hoopsworld, 23rd September 2013, reposted on ShamSports, 8th May 2014)

Andrew Bogut’s contract extension is an unnecessary risk for the Warriors (SBNation, 31st October 2013)

Why Andrew Bogut isn’t worth his price tag (The Score, 25th April 2014; a follow-up “I told you so” style affair to the former, rather than its clone)

Team related

76ers face big summer that will shape success of their rebuild (SB Nation, 25th April 2014)

The Knicks’ signing of Lamar Odom is more than meets the eye (SB Nation, 18th April 2014)

Unexpected winning is fine, but long-term planning matters most (SB Nation, 13th November 2013)

History, flexibility make Lakers’ future brighter than it appears (SB Nation, 11th April 2014)

How the Sixers are preparing for tomorrow while losing today (The Score, 1st January 2014)

How the Knicks went back to the Isiah Thomas era to acquire Andrea Bargnani (The Basketball Jones, 2nd July 2013)

How the Nuggets lost the Kosta Koufos trade (The Score, 13th November 2013)

Knicks aren’t prepared for life without Chandler (The Score, 7th November 2013)

Rockets still have leverage in Omer Asik standoff (SB Nation, 23rd January 2014)

How does Kobe’s extension affect Lakers cap space? (The Score, 26th November 2013)

The 76ers hold all the cards, but don’t have to play any of them (SB Nation, 5th September 2013)

On the Wizards’ turnaround (The Score, 3rd December 2013)

The Memphis Grizzlies’ conundrum: When staying good goes wrong (SB Nation, 30th December 2013)

Have a plan: On the Clippers-Suns-Bucks trade (The Basketball Jones, 3rd July 2013)

Lessons learned: How Utah’s past informed its present (The Score, 19th September 2013)

The Bulls should trade for Andrew Bynum (ShamSports, 5th January 2014)

Warriors emerge as big winners in Jordan Crawford trade (SB Nation, 16th January 2014)

Indiana Pacers are paying the cost to not quite be the boss (SB Nation, 3rd October, 2013)

Player related

Has Anthony Davis taken Dwight Howard’s throne? (The Score, 23rd April 2014)

Denver Nuggets downgrade at point guard for no reason (SB Nation, 20th February 2014)

Joakim Noah, The DPOY Who Might Be Better On Offense (Hoop365, 22nd April 2014)

Bookkeeping the retired guys, 2014 edition (ShamSports, 14th February 2014)

With Rudy Gay trade, Kings acquire something they already had (SB Nation, 11th December 2013)

Why Kyle Lowry may still be traded (The Score, 19th February 2014)

Why the Nuggets should be active in the trade market (The Score, 19th February 2014)

Who the Lakers could move before Thursday’s deadline (The Score, 18th February 2014)

Why Mike Dunleavy might be the Bulls’ only trade chip (The Score, 14th February 2014)

Who might the Bucks look to move before the trade deadline? (The Score, 11th February 2014)

Which Celtics are deadline day trade candidates? (The Score, 8th February 2014)

How do Orlando’s trade chips stack up? (The Score, 31st January 2014)

What kind of trade assets do the 76ers have? (The Score, 29th January 2014)

Everyone wins in Wizards/Suns trade (except Kendall Marshall) (The Score, 31st October 2013)

Marquis Teague: A bargain for a reason (The Score, 15th October 2013)

Tyrus Thomas and the great red herring of athleticism (The Score, 9th October 2013)

How Roddy Buckets went from 40 points a night to NBA castoff (The Score, 1st October 2013)

Why teams should pursue Jason Thompson (The Score, 14th January 2014)

On the trading of Derrick Williams (The Score, 29th November 2013)

Jan Vesely, Derrick Williams among possible rookie-contract casualties (SB Nation, 10th October 2013)

How trading for Thornton was the kind of low risk deal the Nets needed to make (The Score, 20th February 2014)

How the non-stars have helped revive the Knicks and Nets (The Score, 10th January 2014)

How Courtney Lee adds to the Grizzlies’ expensive wing combination (The Score, 8th January 2014)

How are players sent to the D-League this season progressing? (The Score, 23rd December 2013)

What are the Pelicans getting in Alexis Ajinca? (The Score, 18th December 2013)

For his sake, Anthony Bennett belongs in the NBA Development League (SB Nation, 16th January 2014)

Unsigned guards looking to make mid-season NBA impact (The Score, 10th December 2013; part one of a three part call-up candidates list.)

These unsigned big men are ready to help (or hurt) your team (The Score, 12th December 2013; part two of that list.)

Looking for an unsigned forward? These guys are available (The Score, 13th December 2013; part three.)

Deadline looms for these unguaranteed players (The Score, 3rd January 2014)

The powerful myth of Michael Beasley’s talent (SB Nation, 11th September 2013)

Another Unnecessarily Exhaustive Guide To The NBA Prospects Of The Unsigned NBA Draft Picks, Part One (ShamSports, 2nd May 2014; parts two and three are coming, I promise. The blatant advert included in part one rather sped up its publishing.)

2013 Summer League rosters, Vegas – D-League Select (ShamSports, 13th July 2013)

2013 Summer League rosters, Orlando Summer Pro League – orlando (ShamSports, 9th July 2013)

2013 Summer League rosters, Orlando Summer Pro League – Miami (ShamSports, 9th July 2013)

2013 Summer League rosters, Orlando Summer Pro League – Philadelphia (ShamSports, 8th July 2013)

2013 Summer League rosters, Orlando Summer Pro League – Utah (ShamSports, 8th July 2013)

2013 Summer League rosters, Orlando Summer Pro League – Detroit (ShamSports, 8th July 2013)

2013 Summer League rosters, Orlando Summer Pro League – Boston (ShamSports, 8th July 2013)

2013 Summer League rosters, Orlando Summer Pro League – Boston (ShamSports, 8th July 2013)

2013 Summer League rosters, Orlando Summer Pro League – Indiana (ShamSports, 8th July 2013)

2013 Summer League rosters, Orlando Summer Pro League – Houston (ShamSports, 8th July 2013; never did finish the Oklahoma City one)

Vaguely humanist

The Donald Sterling Scandal Bears Some Fruit (Hoop365, 30th April, 2014)

Growing to appreciate LeBron James for who he is (The Score, 7th March 2014)

The 2014 Ridiculous Basketball Player Names Tournament

First round (ShamSports, 5th March 2014)
Second round (ShamSports, 12th March 2014)
Sweet Sixteen (ShamSports, 19th March 2014)
Elite Eight (ShamSports, 31st March 2014)
Final Four (ShamSports, 3rd April 2014)
Championship game (ShamSports, 6th April 2014)
And the winner is….. (ShamSports, 8th April 2014)

News that wasn’t actually news, either because someone else got there just before me as I waited on it too long or the news itself didn’t actually happen in the end

Mavericks to sign Gal Mekel to three year guaranteed deal (ShamSports, 1st July 2013)

Kings to sign Chris Johnson (ShamSports, 26th March 2014)


NBA Coaches & The Effects Of Likability (Hoop365, 7th May 2014)

Name that player! (ShamSports, 4th December 2013)

Why Tommy Mason-Griffin’s decision to leave school early was still the right one (The Score, 14th April 2014)

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