2010 KBL Draft Results
July 24th, 2010

The South Korean basketball league (KBL) is an interesting one. Much like the Chinese Basketball Association, it is interesting for three main reasons; 1) It’s full of import players that you’ve heard of, 2) The domestic players’ talent level is pretty bad, 3) The import players’ talent level is pretty good. This leads to huge statistics from players that you’ve heard of. And that can never be bad. The KBL employs a draft process for its import players that is better described here. Also at that link is the list of 165 players who registered for the KBL’s draft pool; it is from that list that the drafted players were chosen. That listed was whittled down from 224 to 165, and it is reproduced below for no real reason.1 1 Alfred Aboya 85.01.02 UCLA2 6 Jeff Adrien 86.02.10 Connecticut3 7 Uka Agbai 81.05.07 Boston College4 8 Dokun Akingbade 84.06.05 George Washington5 15 Ramel Allen 79.06.05 Bridgeport6 19 Serge Angounou 83.09.01 Arizona7 24 Julius Ashby 82.09.16 Univ. of Colorado8 30 Kyle Austin 88.10.18 UC Riverside9 35 Alpha Bangura 80.02.04 St Johns Univ.10 39 Ousmane Barro 84.12.07 Marquette11 41 Nashid Beard 83.02.16 Lamar12 43 Romel Beck 82.05.29 UNLV13 46 Rashad Bell 82.09.23 Boston14 48 Rodrigue Benson 84.10.10 Cal State-Berkeley15 54 Odartey Blankson 82.03.12 UNLV16 62 Drelke Bouldin 80.07.08 Fresno State NCAA17 63 Ruben Boumtje 78.05.20 Georgetown18 68 Torraye Braggs 76.03.15 Xavier19 69 Micah Brand 80.10.18 Massachusetts20 70 Craig Bradshaw 83.07.28 Winthrop21 86 Robert Brown 80.02.17 Buffalo22 88 Keith Brumbaugh 85.09.29 Hillsbourgh JC23 89 John Bryant 87.06.13 Santa Clara24 111 Dennis Carr 81.01.27 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ.25 117 Marquin Chandler 82.03.11 San jose St.Univ.26 123 Ivory Clark 85.06.01 Washington St. Univ.27 124 Ramon Clemente 85.12.11 Wichita St.28 125 Gyasi Cline-Heard 79.08.16 Penn St29 129 Donald Cole 81.09.06 Sam Houston St30 139 Duke Crews 88.01.20 […]

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Ex-NBA player Charles Shackleford arrested for selling prescription medication
July 23rd, 2010

Per a million places, but arbitrarily taken from ENCToday.com, former NBA big man Charles Shackleford has been arrested in an undercover drug operation that saw him trying to sell 150 pills to the rozzers. Charles Shackleford is in trouble with the law for the second time in six months. Shackleford, a former Kinston High School, NCSU and NBA basketball player, was arrested by the Lenoir County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday after he allegedly sold 150 prescription pills to an undercover officer. The incident took place in the vicinity of Fairgrounds Road and N.C. 11/55 in Kinston. The 6-foot, 11-inch Shackleford was transported, processed and taken before a Lenoir County magistrate, who ordered the 44-year-old to be held in the Lenoir County Jail under a $30,000 secured bond. Shackleford’s first court appearance is scheduled for Monday morning. The article goes on to describe an arrest of Shackleford’s from earlier thus year, in a bizarre care involving identity theft and ex-NBA player Jayson Williams. Before that, Shackle was arrested in 2006 for drug and weapon possession, pleading guilty to the weapons charge in exchange for the drugs charges being dropped. His retirement from basketball has not gone well. Nonetheless, Shackleford is perhaps most known for a quote that is a mainstay in the ShamSports.com quote archive: “Left hand, right hand, it doesn’t matter. I’m amphibious.”

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