Nazr Mohammed and Trade Kickers
December 4th, 2012

Even though he signed a one year minimum salary contract using the Minimum Salary Exception, Nazr Mohammed has a 15% trade kicker in his current contract. Trade kickers in contracts are somewhat rare. They are particularly rare in small contracts, as becomes obvious upon a study of the current trade kickers in the league today: Ray Allen – 15% – $3,090,000 Andrea Bargnani – 5% – $10,000,000 Nic Batum – 15% – $10,825,000 Chris Bosh – 15% – $17,545,000 Jose Calderon – 10% – $10,561,982 Vince Carter – 10% – $3,090,000 Tyson Chandler – lesser of 8% or $500,000 – $13,604,188 Pau Gasol – 15% – $19,000,000 Manu Ginobili – 5% – $14,107,492 Eric Gordon – 15% – $13,668,750 Blake Griffin – 15% – trade kicker is in his extension, beginning next year Udonis Haslem – 15% – $4,060,000 Roy Hibbert – 15% – $13,668,750 LeBron James – 15% – $17,545,000 Amir Johnson – 5% – $6,000,000 DeAndre Jordan – 15% – $10,532,977 Brook Lopez – 15% – $13,668,750 Robin Lopez – 15% – $4,899,293 Shawn Marion – 15% – $8,646,364 O.J. Mayo – 15% – $4,020,000 Mike Miller – 15% – $5,800,000 Nazr Mohammed – 15% – $1,352,181 (cap number of $854,389) Steve Nash – 15% – $8,900,000 Derrick Rose – 15% – $16,402,500 Josh Smith – 15% – $13,200,000 Jason Terry – 7.5% – $5,000,000 Jason Thompson – 5% – $5,250,000 Anderson Varejao – 5% – $8,368,182 Dwyane Wade – 15% – $17,182,000 Deron Williams – 15% – $17,177,795 Metta World Peace – 15% – $7,258,960 Furthermore, many of those trade kickers are in contracts that are already paying the maximum salary to the relevant player. As kickers cannot be used to increase a salary to an amount greater than the max, those kickers are thus pretty much […]

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Tax Payers, Trade Kickers, And Other Deadline Day Bookkeeping
February 26th, 2011

He looks happy. And why shouldn’t he. That was one of the most interesting trade deadline weeks you’ll ever see. Fourteen trades, one kind of funny near trade, 50 players traded, 3 players signed, 4 players waived, 16 draft picks traded, 1 rights to swap traded, and two absolute Stone Cold Stunners of trades that no one expected. And these weren’t trades like Sam Cassell and cash for a 2016 top 55 protected second rounder, either. These were trades that changed teams significantly, and altered the landscape of the entire NBA. (Well, except for the Marquis Daniels one.) Superstars Carmelo Anthony and Deron Williams were dispatched from teams they didn’t want to stay with. Shane Battier and Mo Williams were dispatched from teams they didn’t want to leave. Draft busts Brandan Wright and Hasheem Thabeet were shipped for minimal returns; recently drafted rookies Derrick Favors and Jordan Crawford were shipped before even completing a season. And while my T.J. Ford for Dan Gadzuric idea never got done, Gadzuric did move to the New Jersey Nets, where he can grab as many rebounds as Brook Lopez in a third of the minutes. New York and New Jersey made the two biggest moves by acquiring the two All-Stars, Williams and Anthony. The Knicks finally closed the deal on the Anthony saga, their additional acquisition of Chauncey Billups and their retention of Landry Fields keeping the price tag just about on the right of ‘acceptable.’ Meanwhile, the Nets’s genuinely staggering trade for Williams, whilst ultimately a backup plan, turned out to be better then their original plan. If their intention was to chase Melo for half a year, then give up and trade less in a deal for a better, cheaper player with less mileage on the clock, then they pulled it off […]

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2008 NBA Offseason Preview: Charlotte Bobcats
April 18th, 2008

The second in a new series of posts detailing teams financial outlooks for the upcoming free agency period, what cap room they have, what exceptions, what draft slots, etc. Should be fascinatingly fascinating, if you’re easily pleased. No information is 100% guaranteed accurate, but unless you’re privy to hitherto unknown information, or just better at this than I am (highly possible), then it’s probably more accurate than you’ve seen before. To be completed in an order best described as “Random”.   ¬†¬†Charlotte Bobcats   Currently Committed Salary, 2008/09: Jason Richardson – $12,222,221 Gerald Wallace – $9,500,000 Nazr Mohammed – $6,049,400 Matt Carroll – $5,050,000 Adam Morrison – $4,159,200 Raymond Felton – $4,148,715 Sean May – $2,661,026 Jared Dudley – $1,222,320 Total: $45,012,882   Team options: Othella Harrington – $2,552,000 (no chance) Jermareo Davidson – $711,517 (probable) Total including options: $48,276,399   Unrestricted Free Agents: Derek Anderson (cap hold – $1,001,793) Earl Boykins (cap hold – $924,732)   Restricted Free Agents: Emeka Okafor (qualifying offer – $7,082,635, cap hold – $13,568,268) Ryan Hollins (qualifying offer – $972,581, cap hold – $893,693)   Draft picks: First round: 8th pick, subject to lottery results. (Cap hold – $2,002,600) Second round: 38th pick (no cap hold)   Cap room/exceptions: None, unless they renounce Okafor….which they won’t. MLE and BAE, no trade exceptions.   Depth chart if you take all the free agents away: PG – Felton SG – Richardson, Carroll SF – Dudley, Morrison PF – Wallace, May C – Mohammed   Sensible things to do: Re-sign Okafor, but don’t overpay – let him find out how weak the market is the hard way. Get better backup guards, and whose presence the coach won’t hold against Felton. Keep Hollins or Davidson, but not really both because there’s not much point. Pray for a rainout.

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