Jordan Green – 2018-19 G-League Player Profile
June 20th, 2019

Jordan Green

SG – 6’5, 191lbs – Born 5th May 1993

   Austin Spurs   

Since leaving the Texas A&M basketball team in 2015, Green has a spotty CV, barely playing save for a brief local tryout spot with the Erie BayHawks over his first two professional campaigns, before making the Spurs roster via the same tryout route to begin the 2017-18 season. That time, it worked, as Green has now been on the team for two full years.

In an era of shooters, Green is not one. Nor does he seem to much aspire to be one. Green has always been an average-enough spot-up shooter to merit taking catch-and-shoot looks, yet he does not much look to do so, and even less often does he try and create them with a dribble. Instead, Green can be found on the wings, cutting sometimes, driving sometimes (albeit always finishing with his left hand), and spotting up only when very open. In the half court, as a shooting guard who neither handles up top nor uses screens on the wing, he has limited use.

For the most part, Green gets his offence in transition. It is there where his excellent athleticism is best on show. Green is a very good leaper who attacks the rim when he can, and leaks out often so as to maximise the number of these opportunities. In doing so he often forgoes helping out with the rebounding, but at least he is a good transition finisher.

Green’s role instead is primarily defensive, where he takes primary assignments against off-ball shooters and elite wings. With a knack for highlight blocks, Green puts up ball pressure and uses the length and speed to stay in front fairly well, albeit with lapses. It would serve him and his job security greatly to add better three-point range to that defensive package, for the impact in limited when he is so little of a scoring threat, and international teams are generally looking for their import players to be offensive leaders. They already have defenders of their own.

– 20th June, 2019

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