The Donald Sterling Scandal Bears Some Fruit
April 30th, 2014

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Donald Sterling is essentially gone from the Clippers. His name is still above the door, and will be until such time as the team’s ownership is prized away from him. But no one is forced to look at that plaque any more.

In a tumultuous three days, Sterling and his opinions went from established but ignored truth to a disavowed relic determined to be forgotten, and became triumphant figures of success in the eternal battle against bigotry …

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Playoffs Full Of Parity
April 24th, 2014

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The first round of the playoffs features eight matchups, and you can usually write off four of them. The very nature of the regular season and playoffs usually separates the eight playoff seeds in each conference wildly disparate group, the top half infinitely better equipped than the bottom. Those eighth seeded teams play 82 games to fight for the honour and privilege of getting annihilated in four more. It is an odd situation, yet we all play …

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Joakim Noah, The DPOY Who Might Be Better On Offense
April 22nd, 2014

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Yesterday, Chicago Bulls centre Joakim Noah won the Defensive Player Of The Year Award, and it was not even close. The award is the emphatic culmination of Noah’s breakout season, itself the continuing crescendo of a 29 year old player who has improved in every season up to, and now including, his prime years.

However, this alone does not accurately portray Noah as a player. Having long been a defensive anchor of sorts, the best measure …

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And the winner is…..
April 8th, 2014

Steeve Ho You Fat!

Yay Steeve!

Thank you all for playing. There will indeed be another competition: 84 names are already being parsed for the 64 spots available, and should more be found, an NIT may even be possible. Well, unless it’s overkill.

And now back to basketball operations matters.

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The 2014 Ridiculous Basketball Player Names Bracket, CHAMPIONSHIP GAME
April 6th, 2014

[Previously: First round, second round, sweet sixteen, second round, elite eight, final four.]

This is it, the final showdown. After a long, fiercely competitive, hit-count friendly month of titanic struggle and mesmering battle, we have eliminated 62 competitors in the first annual Ridiculous Basketball Player Names competition, and are down to the final pair. So established already are their names in basketball player folklore that it is beyond tricky to think of a single …

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The 2014 Ridiculous Basketball Player Names Bracket, Final Four
April 3rd, 2014

[Previously: First round, second round, sweet sixteen, second round, elite eight.]

60 down, four to go.

(Click here for full size version)

As always, these names are completely genuine. If you don’t believe it, Google it.

(1) Grienntys Chief Kickingstallionsims v (1) Gang Wang

Journeys so far:

(1) Grienntys Chief Kickingstallionsims

First round: Won 359-40 v (16) Indiana Faithfull
Second round: Won 125-39 v (8) God’sgift Achiuwa
Sweet Sixteen: Won 85-37 v (5) Solomon HorseChief…

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