Todd Withers – 2018-19 G-League Player Profile
June 20th, 2019

Todd Withers PF – 6’8, 216lbs – Born 6th May 1996    Grand Rapids Drive    I have no idea how Synergy Sports manage to go as deep as they do. But somehow, they were able to cover and analyse every game of Division II’s South Atlantic Conference in 2017-18. And with that, they were able to determine that Withers was a 92nd percentile spot-up shooter that season. That combined with his athletic 6’8 frame made for an intriguing combination, and Withers thus made the Drive roster as a local tryout player to begin the season, surviving for the entire year. In that season, Withers has come out pretty well. The basic numbers do not overwhelm, and his three-point shooting is not where it needs to be, nor what Synergy suggested it would be. Offensively, Withers does appear to be very much limited to the running dunk and the catch-and-shoot three, with any in-between game or shot creation being a rare bonus. Look at those defensive metrics, though. For a player untested beyond the Division II level previously, Withers seems to know how to play on that end. Withers plays with a very good level of energy on the defensive end. He uses the athleticism that he has, combining it with his good length to cover a lot of ground on that end, and he also got caught out of position far less than a man of his relative inexperience normally would. Withers really did impress offensively this season, and assuming his three-point shots go in again, he has made himself a three-and-D candidate at the forward position at the NBA level. It need not really matter that he does not handle the ball much if he does those two things well enough. – 20th June, 2019 This above is […]

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