Michael Bryson – 2018-19 G-League Player Profile
June 20th, 2019

Michael Bryson SG – 6’4, 200lbs – Born 30th September 1994    Delaware Blue Coats    Bryson is the rare type of guard who certainly does not mind going down into the post. He runs the court, he runs off some screens, and he takes quite a lot of spot-up shots. Yet he also will happily go down low, despite not having the biggest size for the shooting guard position let alone any other spot, and loves to turn to a righty hook after a couple of dribbles. Not many opposing shooting guards are well-versed in contesting this, for so few guards try to regularly take their opponents down there, so although Bryson will often give up some size on the perimeter, he has his own match-up advantage in this respect. In addition to this, Bryson is also a good shooter from the outside. Rarely does he handle the ball or seek to create up top; he instead runs to the wings, trying to always make himself available for a kick-out pass and spot-up shot, and he hits a good percentage of them. He spends a lot more time moving to the corners than many other shooting guards, too. Bryson is a good athlete and smooth floor runner who keeps the ball moving, and is a better athlete when he does not have to take the ball with him. Bryson is not the type to be able to penetrate the first line of defence. He is not the isolation guy, the shot-clock saver, the go-to man. He is instead the one moving off the ball, thriving when it reverses, picking his spots, and looking good doing it. Playing defence in a similarly free-roaming fashion, he wins possessions for his team and gets a good amount of points on minimal dribbles. […]

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