Manu Lecomte – 2018-19 G-League Player Profile
June 20th, 2019

Manu Lecomte PG – 5’11, 175lbs – Born 16th August 1995    Agua Caliente Clippers    In Lecomte’s first professional season – one which subsequently saw him sign with Spanish team Murcia after the G-League season ended – Lecomte showed the same package of offensive skills he had for two years at Miami, two years at Baylor, and a decade with Belgium. To overcome such a small stature relies upon great quickness and excellent shot-making ability. Lecomte has both, and to shoot a .604% true shooting percentage when standing only 5’11 is impressive. Forming a good two-man game with Brandon Fields, Lecomte can both catch and shoot to good effect, as well as create space for jump shots with a tight handle and quick changes of direction. Able to play both on and off the ball, Lecomte shoots off the catch, off the dribble, off screens, is unafraid to get into the paint (if ineffective as a finisher once there), shoots a pull-up and is plenty active with his movement when not on the ball. It is unusual and not entirely comfortable for a 5’11 player to be better off the ball, but with his quick release, sweet shooting ability, constant motion and knowledge of where to run to as a weak side/kick-out shooting threat, it is a role Lecomte is effective within. The size, though, is naturally inhibiting. Although Lecomte is a disciplined offensive creator and decent pick-and-roll playmaker, who does not make many mistakes and consistently shows his wealth of high-level experience relative to his age, he is not a full time point guard. He is not a full time prober, driver-and-kicker, or game management type; his inclination is to score. And the size truly becomes an issue defensively, where, although he can stay in front with his […]

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