Joe Kilgore – 2018-19 G-League Player Profile
June 20th, 2019

Joe Kilgore SG – 6’4, 200lbs – Born 25th April 1996    Grand Rapids Drive    Kilgore was the Windy City Bulls’ first-round pick in the past G-League draft, selected 12th overall in his first professional season out of Texas A&M Corpus Christi. He played in 18 games for the Bulls before being waived in mid-December, then was picked up by the Grand Rapids Drive, where he played nine more. Waived again in late January, the Bulls picked Kilgore back up again in mid-February and played him in one more game before waiving him in late February, whereafter he did not sign or play anywhere else. At A&M CC, Kilgore spent 48.5% of his possessions as either the pick-and-roll ball-handler or in isolation, averaging a combined 0.772 points per possession over the two. That is not a great mark, but then Kilgore was playing the lead guard role. As an athletic 6’5 player, he would surely be better served playing off ball; instead of driving from a stand-still every time, he could be driving curls, ball-reversals, backdoor cutting and the like, running the lanes in transition, spotting up (where he shows some potential and shoots much better off the catch than the bounce), and playing pressure defence. That said, in his time across both the Drive and the Bulls, Kilgore recorded only a 7.2 PER, shooting 12-52 from three-point range. Gotta make more shots than that, because the G-League has plenty of other 6’5 athletes it can go to. – 20th June, 2019 This above is extracted from the following page in the The Basketball Manifesto, an entirely free 3,775 page, 1.2 million word-ish basketball reference book which contains reviews, strategies, ideas, opinions, and a whole lot of scouting on men’s world basketball. – View tons more player profiles like […]

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