Jared Brownridge – 2018-19 G-League Player Profile
June 20th, 2019

Jared Brownridge SF – 6’3, 200lbs – Born 13th November 1994    Delaware Blue Coats    David Logan was a high quality EuroLeague player for many seasons. He was a small scoring guard who could create for himself or just raise up and shoot, who shot well off the ball and someone you could turn to to get a bucket if required. Brownridge is not at that level of play in his career, yet, but he does rather emulate the style, and is now playing at a good level. Primarily a shooter, Brownridge plays a lot off the ball, working around screens and moving a defence without touching it. Also a pretty good passer out of these screens, Brownridge is aggressive without being selfish, a useful weapon in any offence. When not moving off screen action, he also works slightly off the dribble, shooting a pull-up mid-range, thus diversifying the attack to include both the catch and the dribble and can create a little bit of space in isolation albeit rarely with the intent to get to the rim. When he does get to the rim, he very rarely uses his left hand, and he prefers to be 25 feet away where he is both a shooting threat and also a good playmaker in the pick-and-roll. Undersized for a shooting guard and without elite athleticism, Brownridge keeps things moving and has a legacy of hitting tough shots; he also puts forth defensive effort to stay in front and deflects the ball without the size to intrigue at the highest levels. Logan had more leap, athleticism and slightly more reliability on the ball than this. He also did better near the rim, whereas Brownridge is more of a shooting specialist. He is however a very good one, in terms of both […]

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