Demarcus Holland – 2018-19 G-League Player Profile
June 20th, 2019

Demarcus Holland SG – 6’4, 179lbs – Born 2nd March 1994    Agua Caliente Clippers    Holland has just completed his second season of professional play, and his second in the GLeague after a full debut campaign with the South Bay Lakers that resulted in a summer league stint for the parent club. From an NBA point of view, there is a lot to like in his physical profile. Despite being small for the shooting guard position, Holland is an excellent athlete with long arms, foot speed and leaping ability. Primarily, he uses these physical advantages to do two things – run the court at every opportunity, and play some very harassing defence. Always looking to get involved, Holland plays the passing lanes and applies ball pressure on opposing guards, making himself quite the defensive nuisance. However, the offensive skills remain sorely underdeveloped. It is hard to find a role for Holland in the half court game, as although his physical profile should make him an excellent cutter, the lack of consistent jump shooting ability (probably not helped by such a high arc) makes him no great decoy. Holland does little with the ball in his hands, unable to shoot or pass on the move, and yet he does often try to do things offensively outside of his (or what should be his) comfort level. He plays offensively with the same energy and enthusiasm that he brings to the defensive end, yet it is much less helpful there. Nevertheless, a combination of speed, length, commitment, defence and transition opportunities are a good package on which to build a multi-year professional career. Holland now just needs to be careful that he does not sign with a European team under the illusion that he is going to play point guard for them, […]

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