Salary Bookkeeping, 2013
July 1st, 2013

July 1st is (the date on which one season ends and the next one begins, and thus June 30th (and the week preceding it) is an important cut-off date for certain transactions. Players with player or early termination options had to decide if they were coming back; the few players with team options awaited an uncertain future; players eligible for QO’s had to see if they got them. All the results are in now, and there follows a list of who did what before July 1st. NB: free agent statuses taken as of April 22nd 2013. The following players opted in: – Charlotte = Ben Gordon – Dallas = Shawn Marion – Detroit = Charlie Villanueva – Golden State = Richard Jefferson, Andris Biedrins and Brandon Rush – L.A. Lakers = Metta World Peace – Memphis = Jerryd Bayless – Miami = Ray Allen, James Jones and Rashard Lewis – Philadelphia = Kwame Brown – San Antonio = Patrick Mills and Boris Diaw – Toronto = Aaron Gray and Linas Kleiza – Utah = Marvin Williams – Washington = Trevor Ariza and Emeka Okafor The following players opted out: – Brooklyn = C.J. Watson – Cleveland = Marreese Speights – Dallas = O.J. Mayo – Denver = Andre Iguodala – Golden State = Carl Landry – Milwaukee = Monta Ellis – Minnesota = Andrei Kirilenko – New York = J.R. Smith The following players had their 2013/14 team options exercised: – L.A. Lakers = Jodie Meeks – Miami = Mario Chakmers – Milwaukee = Gustavo Ayon – Minnesota = Dante Cunningham The following players had their team options declined: – Houston = Francisco Garcia – Toronto = John Lucas III (No one really gives out team options any more. For an explanation as to why, read the opening of this.) […]

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Bulls might waive Nate Robinson to save money (and possibly for another reason, one for which I have no evidence)
December 19th, 2012

K.C. Johnson reports that the Bulls, despite being a number four seed without having their MVP on the court, are sorely tempted to waive Nate Robinson. In one of the most unheralded high quality moves of the summer – unheralded because the dominant Bullsean narrative of the summer was rightly one of cost-cutting and player-dumping – the Bulls were able to sign Robinson to not only a minimum salary contract, but a partially guaranteed one at that. Of the $1,146,337 Nate is owed – an amount which, if he’s kept for the full season, the Bulls will owe only $854,389 of – only $400,000 is guaranteed, becoming fully guaranteed if not waived on or before January 1st [not the 10th, as reported elsewhere]. In an industry where the permanent goal is to sign as good as quality of player as is possible for as cheap of a price as is possible, this is an incredibly good contract. The institutional maligning of Nate as a player that dates back years cannot (or should not) ignore the fact that he’s a hugely talented player who can single handedly turn the outcome of NBA games. And the Bulls should know this, because he’s done that more than once for them this season. The move would be, of course, patently ridiculous. Even if the season was a wash, you don’t waive a most vital contributor to save on what, by NBA standards, is a nominal fee, and by no standard is the season proving to be a wash in the first place. Nate is third on the Bulls in PER, the only man who can consistently create a shot off the dribble in Rose’s absence, arguably the team’s best ball handler, its only creative backcourt player, and one of its best shooters. He’s even […]

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