Brandon Fields – 2018-19 G-League Player Profile
June 20th, 2019

Brandon Fields PG/SG – 6’4, 195lbs – Born 13th August 1988    Agua Caliente Clippers    After three years away, Fields came back to the G-League this season, perhaps looking for some stability in a professional career that has thus far taken him to about 176 different countries (give or take). Stability in turn is what he gave Agua Caliente this season at both guard positions. Never the best shooter with that Eric Gordon-looking release of his, Fields spent more time on the ball this season, looking to find his team mates and playing pick-and-roll/pop with Anthony Bennett. Not quite the explosive athlete he was in his youth, Fields is now more of a prober than the relentless attacker he once was, and as his explosion subsides, he instead looks to pass more on the move now. On a team that featured Manu Lecomte and Jamel Artis in such big doses, there was no primary point guard required nor available in the traditional sense. All three would take their turns, and Fields was no exception. He could still however get to the rim in transition, and although his perimeter shot-making has never been the strength of his game, 35.6% from three-point range is good enough. Losing the athleticism of his youth and instead becoming wiser and calmer is a sensible aspiration for us all, and it is a transition Fields handled well this season. Because of that, there is nothing appealing to the next level. Without standing out on defence or as a shooter, Fields is not a game changer and barely a net positive at this level of competition. That said, after many nomadic years, Fields may have found the right place for himself. – 20th June, 2019 This above is extracted from the following page in the The […]

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