The Basketball Manifesto
November 17th, 2020

The Basketball Manifesto is a 3,775 page, 1.2 million word-ish basketball reference book. And it is free to download. It contains reviews, strategies, ideas, opinions, and a whole lot of thoughts on stuff. This document contains reviews, strategy, assessments, ideas and plans for every NBA team and every NBA player. It seeks to: 1) Look at the assets a team has to work with. 2) Look at what it already has. 3) Look at what it needs to address. 4) Lay out conceptual strategy for it all. 5) Discuss without preaching, except in some slightly preachier moments. It does this 30 times for 30 NBA teams. Then it does the entire G-League, twice. Then it does the annual draft pool, twice. And then it does the EuroLeague…..twice. You get the idea, and if you don’t, you will do once you open it. It’s very, very densely full of content. All in all, it gets quite big. This is a PDF file, and a live document. The links are navigable; the thing self-references. It is, I hope, a website you can download. And it is the pride of my life. Download it at the link below, do please share it to all other basketball fans, email me your thoughts, and let’s have a conversation. Thank you! – Mark Deeks DOWNLOAD THE BASKETBALL MANIFESTO HERE BACKUP LINK BECAUSE APPARENTLY GOOGLE’S GOT A MARDY ON TODAY . Alternatively, if you want to just download separate sections of The Basketball Manifesto, rather than the whole shaboodle, use the following links: 2019/20 G-League 2018/19 G-League

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2017 NBA Manifesto
June 29th, 2017

Hello! I am Mark, the owner and sole proprietor of this website, A few months ago, someone said to me, “why don’t you produce NBA content any more?” The comment, meant with genuine intrigue, still proved irksome. “I do”, I answered. “I watch more than ever. I talk about it. I still write a bit. I’m working on projects.” All these things were true. Still, they had a point. Look at the dust on this website, after all, and this is supposed to be the pinnacle of my CV. The comment was irksome because it was correct – I wasn’t actually producing enough stuff publicly. “What happened to that English guy who we briefly heard of?”, said no one ever. But they could have done, and that resonated. So I thought I’d make some NBA content. Over the last few months, I have created what I am calling my 2017 NBA Manifesto. I hereby launch it below. The idea of the manifesto is thus. It outlines the assets available to every NBA team. It looks at what their financial situation is, what instruments and exceptions they have for spending, and their total salary outlook. It does the same with their draft position. It looks at the players they already have on their roster, plus the issues that need addressing as a team. And then it thinks aloud about what to do with it all. It does this 30 times for 30 teams. All in all, it gets quite big. Every word in here is mine. Every opinion is mine. No one paid me to write it, and no one will pay to read it. This is me and what I think, based on facts as correct as an outsider can ascertain. This is my work and my thoughts, on […]

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