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Keon Clark
PF/C - 6'11, 220lbs - 49 years old - 6 years of NBA experience
Retired - Retired after 2004 season
  • Birthdate: 04/16/1975
  • Drafted (NBA): 13th pick, 1998
  • Pre-draft team: UNLV
  • Country: USA
  • Hand: Left
  • Agent: -
1998 NBA DraftNBADrafted 13th overall by Orlando.
21st January, 1999NBADraft rights traded by Orlando, along with Johnny Taylor, to Denver in exchange for a 1999 first round pick (#10, Keyon Dooling).
22nd January, 1999NBASigned four year, $5,839,483 rookie scale contract with Denver. Included team option for 2001/02.
16th October, 2000NBADenver exercised 2001/02 team option.
12th January, 2001NBATraded by Denver, along with Tracy Murray and Mamadou N'Diaye, to Toronto in exchange for Kevin Willis, Garth Joseph, Alex Radojevic and a 2001 second round pick (#46, Ousmane Cisse).
14th August, 2002NBASigned a two year, $9,546,600 contract with Sacramento. Included player option for 2003/04.
30th June, 2003NBAExercised 2003/04 player option.
5th August, 2003NBATraded by Sacramento, along with a 2004 second round pick (#55, Luis Flores) and a 2007 second round pick (#39, Stanko Barac), to Utah in exchange for a 2004 second round pick (#48, Ricky Minard).
19th February, 2004NBATraded by Utah, along with Ben Handlogten, to Phoenix in exchange for Tom Gugliotta, a 2004 first round pick (#16, Kirk Snyder), a future protected first round pick (2010, #9, Gordon Hayward), a 2005 second round pick (#60, Alex Acker) and cash.
Career Moves
1994 - 1995Irving Valley (Junior College)
1995 - 1996Dixie JC (Junior College)
1996 - 1998UNLV (NCAA)
January 1999 - January 2001Denver Nuggets (NBA)
January 2001 - June 2002Toronto Raptors (NBA)
August 2002 - August 2003Sacramento Kings (NBA)
August 2003 - February 2004Utah Jazz (NBA)
February 2004 - June 2004Phoenix Suns (NBA)
Articles about Keon Clark

March 19, 2013

Keon Clark - Clark's perennial legal troubles have been documented at length on this site, and his arrest total is somewhere in or near the fifties. At last check, he was serving 33 months in prison for parole violations and traffic offenses, and last July, while still imprisoned on those charges, yet more were brought. It is not possible for me to add any more to Keon Clark's sitrep as I am now unable to access the online court records due to repeatedly posting their results on Clark publicly.

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April 19, 2011

Keon Clark - Keon Clark is currently in prison, again, sentenced to 33 months for repeatedly driving on a revoked license. The amount of driving convictions Keon has accumulated in his life is freaking ridiculous, so freaking ridiculous that I can't even list them.

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February 10, 2010

Keon Clark has continued his weekly reviews in front of a drug court....or rather, he hasn't. At his January 27th hearing, Clark turned up but received a "bad report", and while I don't know what that entails, I do know that it meant serving two weeks in PSB (which I believe to mean "prison," as in "public safety building.") Clark then didn't turn up to his February 3rd hearing, and nor did he turn up to prison. I don't know how a man doesn't turn up to prison, but Keon didn't. He is now MIA and an arrest warrant has been issued. (He also managed to get done for both speeding and driving with a suspended license, again, since the last update was issued. STOP DRIVING, KEON.)

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January 24, 2010

One final note on Keon Clark: despite what I said earlier about Clark's mandatory weekly court appearances being "almost universally described as good", Clark failed a drug test as recently as late November. So maybe it's not all coming up Milhouse after all.

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January 20, 2010

- Keon Clark

Here's what Keon Clark's been up to recently. Or rather; here's Keon Clark's criminal record.

[incredibly long list available at link]

Clark, who describes himself as "non-conformist", disappeared from basketball in the summer of 2004. He had offers of work coming in, but he just didn't want to take them. For whatever reason, he'd had enough. This seemed weird at the time, but the reason for it may have been revealed three years later in a courtroom, when Clark admitted that he was an alcoholic.

The good news is that, as far as I can tell, Clark has had no problems since we last checked in on him. Clark attends weekly drug court hearings to check on his progress, with the next one scheduled to occur about 2 hours after this story was written, and his attendance and progress in those hearings are almost universally described as "good." He has done this since the December 2008 date of his latest conviction, and, even though it got as far as it has and necessitated the enforcement of the courts, Clark is getting help for his addiction and serving the punishment for his misdeeds. That's good. He used a lot of rope over the span of two decades - a LOT of freaking rope - but he appears to be finally demonstrating some bouncebackability. If he's clean, sober, and learns how to freaking drive safely, there is hope.

But the self-explanatory bad news is that, whenever the subject of Keon Clark is brought up, we automatically think of his substance and legal problems. Not the player that he used to be.

If that looks like a character assassination, it is not meant to be. It is thorough - obsessively thorough, even - but it is not meant to defame Clark's name. Clark's name is already pretty defamed through no doing of my own, and I find that a shame. I knew him as a basketball player first, way before I ever knew of him as a criminal and an addict. And I've always preferred to think of him as a basketball player.

So, in the interests of entertainment, here is Keon Clark defaming Shawn Bradley. For old's times sake.

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