Tyler Roberson – 2018-19 G-League Player Profile
June 20th, 2019

Tyler Roberson

PF – 6’9, 227lbs – Born 27th November 1994

   Agua Caliente Clippers   

Roberson rejoined the Clippers in January after having initially moved to Greece to begin the season, catching on with defending Basketball Champions League champions AEK Athens. If you or your loved ones fancy reading more about AEK Athens’ title defence and the compelling protagonists within it, then why not all gather around the fireside and read this scintillating piece of online content from a tremendous author who has yet to master the art of self-editing.

The Clippers knew what they would be getting when Roberson returned, because at this point, the Tyler Roberson package is well established. It is an effective one, too. Roberson is a little-things player, a glass-crasher, a hustling and athletic big who rarely touches the ball, an energetic defensive player who causes a scene through effort rather than skill. Roberson is springy, prepared to bump, prepared to grind, prepared to stay out of the way offensively save for cuts, rolls, put-backs and transition, and if he commits a high volume of fouls in the process of being this active, so be it.

Of course, long is the list of things that Roberson does not do. There is no handle. There is no jump shot. There is little in the way of post touch, nor much consistent non-dunk finishing; a short righty hook and a very rare turnaround jump shot exist, yet Roberson has to be set up first and is much more effective when catching on the move so as to not even have to take one dribble. Roberson struggles to defend the perimeter, does not have the core strength a post defender would ideally have, and nor is he as much of a shot-blocker as you would hope for considering the hustle and athleticism.

Nonetheless, Roberson plays within these limitations, and positively impacts the game when he is in. And now that he hits his foul shots a bit better, he can perhaps expand offensively.

– 20th June, 2019

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