Devon Bookert – 2018-19 G-League Player Profile
June 20th, 2019

Devon Bookert

PG – 6’3, 195lbs – Born 27th January 1993

   Austin Spurs   

In the three years since he graduated from Florida State, Bookert has spent two years on the cusp of the G-League, some time in the Czech Republic and one year unsigned. Twice he has been drafted – 75th overall by Rio Grande Valley last year, 42nd by Capital City this year – yet neither time has he made it out of camp. He was called up to the Spurs when Travis Trice went on international duty, yet kept his place upon his return, with Maverick Rowan waived instead. Presumably, this was to add balance to the team; whereas Rowan strives to be a shooter, Bookert is more of a deferential combo guard whose efficiency trumps volume.

Bookert shot 41.9% from three-point range over his four-year Seminoles career, and in the 24 Czech league games he managed with Praha last season, he shot 47-93 for a further 50.5%. He is not a creator of looks; these are catch-and-shoot attempts, as Bookert hasn’t the handle or speed to create the space for his own. Nor for anyone else, really – as willingly deferential as he is, being a pass-first player should not be confused with a half-court creating point guard.

Nevertheless, as a role player, Bookert has slowly found a niche. He has improved his handle over the years, spots up from long and mid-ranges, finds good looks for team mates even without collapsing the defence first, keeps the possession moving and doesn’t overdribble. He is a smart extra passer/refeeder, and although he does little in the paint, he wisely knows not to force himself in there much. Without being particularly, fast, big or athletic, Bookert has improved his defensive commitment over the years, chasing shooters around and trying to put pressure on ball handlers, and if he overhelps as a by-product of that, that’s OK.

You don’t normally think of the point guard spot as being the three-and-D one, but that is what Bookert has become, and given how good of a shooter he is (normally), perhaps he should look to take more. He may have to in order to be a net average G-League player, as, for all the virtues in the above, that is not what he measured out as being this season.

– 20th June, 2019

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