Connor Burchfield – 2018-19 G-League Player Profile
June 20th, 2019

Connor Burchfield

SG – 6’4, 180lbs – Born 6th April 1994

   Austin Spurs   

In his first professional season out of William and Mary, Burchfield moved around. He signed early with Juventus in Lithuania, was cut after two months just before the season began, was drafted by the Spurs with the penultimate pick in the first round of the G-League Draft, lasted two further months, before latterly spending 13 days with the Sioux Falls Skyforce and 11 days with the Greensboro Swarm. Across all these gigs, he managed only 113 minutes played, enough time to get up 21 three-pointers but hitting only five of them. Burchfield is of course a shooter by trade, and an elite one, hitting 50.8% from outside across his four-year collegiate career on 354 total attempts. He moves off the ball, runs to the wing, cuts back door, and works to get open without dribbling. That said, apart from the very occasional drive of a close-out, Burchfield almost never handles the ball, and hasn’t demonstrated the ability to much do so. And with a small stature, a short and skinny wing span and little athleticism, defence will forever be the valid concern. After all, while he can chase around other Connor Burchfield types, he is changing no one’s plans.

[2020 UPDATE: Retired and works in insurance.]

– 20th June, 2019

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