Chance Comanche – 2018-19 G-League Player Profile
June 20th, 2019

Chance Comanche

PF/C – 6’10, 210lbs – Born 14th April 1996

   Canton Charge   

Fair play to anyone in any professional who has a marketable skill and who seeks to get paid for it. So you should (says Mark in his free Manifesto). Having not done much in his first two seasons at Arizona, the traditional argument would have been that Chance Comanche should have stayed in school, built up his body, his skills and his CV. But that argument only holds water if Comanche was being developed in the right way.

Long and a good athlete, Comanche should be a rim-runner. He should be hustling around, running the court, rolling to the rim, catching the ball on the move, dunking on people, crashing the glass, spotting up where possible, getting to the line, hitting them and playing defence. Not trying to post up all the time in a thin-framed body not designed for carving out space, and with a shortage of poise, footwork and composure down there. At Arizona, where he was primarily being used as a post-up player, he was being played to his offensive weaknesses, and if his defensive awareness and uncertainty suffered as a result, there was probably a causative link there.

In fairness, Comanche does have some touch around the basket. He does not take bumps too well, yet when he is able to finesse it home, he has touch with both hands, including a particularly good off-hand. Defensively, his awareness is picking up, and while he still needs both more interior strength and better perimeter footwork, he has an impact as a rim protector. If he can pick up his effort on that end, and develop into an excellent roll man, he has some Dwight Powell potential in him.

That’s not what Arizona were trying to carve out of him. Hopefully, down the road, Canton will.

– 20th June, 2019

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