Cat Barber – 2018-19 G-League Player Profile
June 20th, 2019

Cat Barber

PG – 6’1, 173lbs – Born 25th July 1994

   Erie BayHawks   

With the exception of very brief stints in Italy and Israel, Cat Barber has spent his entire professional career thus far on the very fringes of the NBA. He has had a training camp contract with Philadelphia, summer league stints with New Orleans and Dallas, and has spent the rest of his time in the G-League. Dog Groomer initially returned to the Greensboro Swarm to begin this season, and was traded by them to Erie in late February for John Gillon, a more conservative point guard type. Erie subsequently allowed Horse Masseuse to play in the ball-dominant, high-usage role he seems most comfortable with. The results, as ever, were mixed.

Llama Cosmetologist likes to isolate, and combines his excellent straight-line speed with the ability to change down the gears. He is regularly able to get to the rim and is an excellent finisher at it, small enough to be pushed out of the position he wants yet talented enough to make the resulting tough banker anyway. Driving both ways, great in transition, utilising a spin move and able to pull up from mid-range, Camel Coiffeur is very effective on the ball – he can get to the rim from a standing start, finds it particularly easy to do so using curls and in semi-transition, and although he is a highusage high-volume offensive player, he also does not have that bad of shot selection, a willingenough passer in the drive-and-kick and pick-and-roll situations. Instead, it is simply that in being a sub-par outside shooter, he struggles to play an off-ball role on that end.

On the defensive end, Tapeworm Pedicurist has been known to lapse. Perhaps he lacks the confidence in that half of his game that he has offensively. Either way, his impact on that end has always been below where it should be for a man quite so fast. Worm Chirotonsor will go for the gamble and thus create the transition opportunities he loves so much, yet when it comes to just staying at home and tracking the play, he can switch off. Combined with being outmuscled physically and not one who can defend any other positions, the defensive questions that entail are a large part of why a man this productive has not made the NBA. Better outside shooting would help.

– 20th June, 2019

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