Summer Signings, Round 1
July 4th, 2011

In lieu of having any NBA transactions to talk about, we’ll look at the world at large instead. Of all the players to have finished last season on an NBA roster, six have already signed abroad. One of the first to go was Mustaka Shakur, who started the year with the New Orleans Hornets and ended it with the Washington Wizards. For whatever reason, the Wizards did not offer him a qualifying offer, seemingly moving on from Shakur’s prolonged tryout. He thus moved to France to sign with Pau Orthez, the fallen giant who continue to rebuild. Also signing in France was Hilton Armstrong, a somewhat forgettable inclusion in the Kirk Hinrich trade whose NBA days might now be numbered. In five years of trying, Armstrong has never demonstrated much NBA talent outside of having a long neck; given that he spent much of those five years in the New Orleans Hornets rotation, he can’t lament not being given an opportunity. When he signed with the Wizards, Armstrong said he wanted to be a starter. He may now be one, but it’ll be in France. (ASVEL have a strong youth regime that often churns out good prospects. Bangaly Fofana, whose starting spot Armstrong looks likely to take, was a draft-and-stash prospect in the most recent draft, albeit a faint one, and Edwin Jackson is a solid candidate for next year’s one. But if Jackson is a legitimate draft candidate, or if Fofana had been picked 59th this year instead of Adam Hanga, isn’t it a conflict of interest for them to be taken by the Spurs? After all, Tony Parker is the Spurs’s starting point guard, and also ASVEL’s Vice President of Basketball Operations with a 20% shareholding. Even if it is done with the very best of intentions, isn’t […]

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What Happened Prior to July 1st Other Than A Bunch Of Ultimately Unproductive CBA Negotiations
July 2nd, 2011

Even though a lockout is upon us, one which might last us through until the very end of existence in late 2012, there’s still some bookkeeping to be done. July 1st is (or should be) the date on which one season ends and the next one begins, and thus June 30th is an important cut-off date for certain transactions. Players with player or early termination options had to decide if they were coming back; the few players with team options awaited an uncertain future; players eligible for QO’s had to see if they got them. We also had the added bonus of 2012/13 team options for rookie scale contracts being decided considerably earlier than usual – after all, when the usual end of October deadline comes around, the lockout may still be going on. All the results are in now, however, and there follows a list of who did what before July 1st. The following players opted in: – Boston = Ray Allen – Charlotte = Boris Diaw – Cleveland = Ryan Hollins – Golden State = Charlie Bell and Louis Amundson – L.A. Clippers = Brian Cook – L.A. Lakers = Matt Barnes – Miami = Eddie House and Zydrunas Ilgauskas – New York = Ronny Turiaf – Phoenix = Mickael Pietrus – San Antonio = Tim Duncan – Toronto = Leandro Barbosa The following players opted out: – Denver = Nene – L.A. Lakers = Shannon Brown (who has now completed the rare achievement of doing this in consecutive seasons) – Miami = James Jones – New Orleans = Aaron Gray and David West The following players had their 2011/12 team options exercised: – Houston = Goran Dragic – Memphis = Sam Young – Utah = C.J. Miles The following players had their team options declined: – Sacramento […]

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