Where Are They Now: The Special Derrick Murray Edition
June 16th, 2009

The look back at the compelling protagonists of the 1996 NBA Draft will be coming up soon, as soon as I can find 13 available hours in which to write it. Until them, I bring you a quasi-update from the 1994 edition.

In that post, I wrote this paragraph:

Last month, [Lamond] Murray signed back in the IBL for the third time, signing with the seminal Los Angeles Lightning, where he is currently averaging 25/6.

You weren’t expecting that, I’m guessing. But here’s the best part – the Lightning’s line-up is freaking stacked. In an otherwise poor league, the Lightning have managed to boast a line-upĀ full of ex-NBA players, featuring Murray, current Clippers assistant and minor league veteran Fred Vinson, journeyman big man Jamal Sampson, the artist formerly known as Bryon Russell, ex-Suns guard Toby Bailey and former Rockets guard Juaquin Hawkins, who is with his first team since suffering a stroke last year. Did you see all that coming? No, me neither. In fact, apart from Murray, I didn’t know about all those players being there when I started writing this. Good times, maybe.

Well, I have an update on that.

Sampson left the team after only four games, but the team replaced him pretty quickly, signing ex-Kings training campee (a new word), Adam Parada. Bailey has also now turned up, as he was still playing in the German playoffs at the time of the last update. (He’s currently averaging a triple-double through his first two games, too.) The team also boasts California State senator Tony Strickland on the team, who hadn’t played competitive basketball since averaging a double-double at Whittler College in NCAA’s Division III almost two decades ago. That’s a PR move and a half, that.

But the big news is that the Lightning have since added more ex-NBA pedigree, adding Raptors legend Darrick Martin to the team.

You needed to know that.

This post also serves as an excuse to fire out the timeless Derrick Murray video, which I think I will never, ever get bored of.

Great times.

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3 Comments about Where Are They Now: The Special Derrick Murray Edition

  1. st.nick16 June, 2009, 6:50 am

    The Keady snub is the single greatest youtube video ever. The immediate transition from incredibly happy and gleeful to devastatingly hurt and sad is amazing.

  2. chiaone16 June, 2009, 6:54 pm

    One of the cutest girls in my high school had an ENORMOUS crush on Toby Bailey back when he was a freshman with UCLA. Frankly, I've never forgiven him for that.

  3. Anonymous21 June, 2009, 9:31 pm

    And the best part of the first video is that you're hearing the voice of a good friend of mine.

    End zone seats
    + loud voice
    + impeccable timing
    = priceless.