A correction
May 24th, 2009

Back on the 25th February, the “Where Are They Now?” series of post things that make up about 95% of this site’s interesting content included an entry on former Louisville and Miami Heat centre, David Padgett. The entry is quoted as follows:

David Padgett went to training camp with the Miami Heat, signed a contract immediately after it (essentially this meant just signing for training camp really early), didn’t make the team, and was waived. He has not signed elsewhere since, presumably living it up on his $35,000 guarantee.

Sorry, but that was wrong.

Padgett didn’t sign anywhere immediately after being waived by the Heat, but he did sign in Spain in December, with a LEB Gold team called Ciudad de La Laguna Canarias. (Translates roughly as “Canary Lagoons City.”) Padgett averaged 6.2 points and 6.3 rebounds in 23 games on 47% shooting, which isn’t particularly good in the LEB Gold. But he did give this interview, which I have crudely translated for you here.


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