Monday, August 04, 2014

Without looking, guess which first round draft pick didn't get the full 120% of the rookie scale this year

Answer after the jump.

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The answer is Jusuf Nurkic of the Denver Nuggets. His contract calls for 108% of the scale in year one ($1,562,680), 107% in year two ($1,642,000), and then 120% in years three and four ($1,921,320 and $2,947,300 respecitvely). That adds him to an exclusive and small club of non-120%ers, including Raul Lopez, George Hill, Ian Mahinmi, James Anderson, Sergio Rodriguez, MarShon Brooks, and probably some others. It is believed that Nurkic, a #16 pick, is the highest drafted player to ever not receive the full amount.


  1. Wasn't Marquis Teague a non-120%er? I seem to remember something about the Bulls playing hardball with him.

  2. Does this relate to $ paid by the Nugs for Nurkic's buyout?


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