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Hassan Adams
SG/SF - 6'4, 220lbs - 40 years old - 2 years of NBA experience
Retired - Retired after 2016 season
  • Birthdate: 06/20/1984
  • Drafted (NBA): 54th pick, 2006
  • Pre-draft team: Arizona
  • Country: USA
  • Hand: Right
  • Agent: -
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Articles about Hassan Adams

June 11, 2013

[...] Tolliver's contract with Cleveland was a typical 'summer' (read as 'training camp') contract. It was a fully unguaranteed rookie minimum salary contract, which, in the 2007/08 season, was worth $427,163. Tolliver was one of several camp signings for the Cavaliers that season - alongside Noel Felix, Chet Mason, Hassan Adams, Darius Rice, and a re-signed Dwayne Jones - and was an outside shot to make the roster based purely on the numbers game alone.

[...] It seemed mostly innocuous that Tolliver earned a few dollars for his brief stint with the Cavs that season. There are 170 days in an NBA regular season, and players unguaranteed for a lack of skill are paid per diem for each day they are on the roster, including partial days and time on waivers (which, at the time, was 48 hours not including weekends). For his one day of work, then - a day on which he didn't even make the active list - Tolliver received four days of pay, $10,051 (which is $427,163 / 170 * 4). Similarly, all three of Adams, Felix and Rice received $8,088 - they were waived suitably late that their two days on waivers earned them two days of pay.

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December 28, 2009

- Hassan Adams

Adams has not played anywhere this season. Not sure why. Last year, the Raptors signed him to a fully guaranteed $711,517 salary incredibly early in the offseason, watched Hassan turn up out of shame, and had to dump the contract on the Clippers (in the same way as Acker above), who then waived him. Adams then signed in Serbia for Vojvodina, but appeared in only two games before being waived in early March. He has not played anywhere since.

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