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Arvydas Macijauskas
SG - 6'4, 214lbs - 44 years old - 1 years of NBA experience
Retired - Retired after 2010 season
  • Birthdate: 01/19/1980
  • Drafted (NBA): Undrafted, 2002
  • Pre-draft team: Tau Ceramica (Spain)
  • Country: Lithuania
  • Hand: Right
  • Agent: -
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Articles about Arvydas Macijauskas

March 19, 2013

Arvydas Macijauskas - Macijauskas studied for a masters in European Basketball Coaching Science at the University of Worcester here in England, graduating in December, and will look for coaching opportunities.

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April 19, 2011

Arvydas Macijauskas - Macijauskas made his unofficial retirement official this June, and was later announced to be joining Lithuanian team Perlas as an assistant coach. However, he quickly left, citing personal reason, personal reasons that probably had something to do with his marriage the following month. He is now an expectant father and occasional basketball teacher.

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June 10, 2010

Arvydas Macijauskas, the star Lithuania shooting guard whose NBA career was a short-lived epic fail, has retired aged only 30. Macijauskas was an All-Euroleague first teamer in 2004-05 while playing for Tau Ceramica, which led to a big money three year contract with the New Orleans Hornets; however, he was barely used, and when he was used it was only as a third string point. Since that time, Macijauskas has spent the last two seasons on the shelf, rehabilitating an assortment of injuries including left Achilles and calf injuries, as well as a spinal hernia. Macijauskas has also been embroiled in an unpretty contract dispute with Olympiakos that lasted over a year and was only resolved last Autumn. He says he may move into coaching.

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April 7, 2010

- Arvydas Macijauskas

You may have known about Lynch's former team mate and former Hornets guard Arvydas Macijauskas's lengthy contract dispute with Olympiakos. The dispute was simple, yet complicated, and hinged on one key issue; whether Macijauskas and Olympiakos had a valid contract or not. Olympiakos said no (they wanted out from the contract without paying him), Macijauskas said yes (he wanted to get paid what he signed for), and it all got ugly. This dispute was finally resolved in a settlement a few months ago, but it hasn't done much for Macijauskas's career. He missed all of last year with injury (which is what started the whole shaboodle in the first place) and is still rehabbing today. But at least he is free to roam again.

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