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D.J. Newbill
SG - 6'4, 205lbs - 30 years old - 0 years of NBA experience
Signed in Japan - Signed with Osaka Evessa
  • Birthdate: 05/22/1992
  • Drafted (NBA): Undrafted, 2015
  • Pre-draft team: Penn State
  • Country: USA
  • Hand: Right
  • Agent:
30th July, 2015FranceSigned a one year contract with ASVEL Villeurbanne.
11th January, 2016FranceLeft ASVEL Villeurbanne.
18th February, 2016TurkeySigned for the remainder of the season with Akhisar Belediye.
17th July, 2016BelgiumSigned a one year contract with Oostende.
9st August, 2017AustraliaSigned a one year contract with New Zealand Breakers.
Career Moves
2010 - 2011Southern Mississippi (NCAA)
2011 - 2015Penn State (NCAA)
July 2015L.A. Clippers (Summer League)
July 2015 - January 2016ASVEL Villerbanne (France)
February 2016 - June 2016Akhisar Belediye (Turkey, TBL)
July 2016 - June 2017Oostende (Belgium)
August 2017 - presentNew Zealand Breakers (Australia)
Articles about D.J. Newbill

June 17, 2015

D.J. Newbill

Newbill is an extremely big time scorer, partly because Penn State have always needed him to be, but always because he is capable of being so.

Best as a slasher, Newbill scores in many ways, if not every way. He has added better three point range year on year, but is certainly no three point bomber; indeed, for a while, he took too many two point jump shots. But he's put them away, in favour of more three pointers and more barrels to the paint. Newbill can get to the paint using good athleticism and a very good handle that allows him to change direction quickly, particularly in the form of a crossover that is something of a staple. Once at the rim, Newbill's power and aggressive nature makes him an unafraid finisher (albeit almost entirely with the right hand), which he combines with a runner (supposedly which he learnt from Tim Frazier) for those moments when he can't or won't get the whole way there. Newbill also shoots a pull-up two pointer well, and has a stronger mid-range game than most.

Capable of playing point guard, Newbill is best served more off the ball, where his efficiency improves markedly and where he can focus on the thing he does best - scoring. He is much better at getting to the basket off of curls and closeouts than in isolation, and although he shoots few jump shots off these screens, his catch-and-shoot shot is servicable. Furthermore, Newbill is also a fairly decent defender. His lateral quickness is perhaps better than his straight line speed, and although there are some lapses on that end (which can perhaps be attributed to the huge offensive load he has been carrying), his ability to stay in front when plugged in is quite good.

Ideally, Newbill would be bigger (only 6'4 with a 6'6 wingspan, not great for a two guard). This, of course, he cannot control. He can however control the shot selection, which is not great at times, and he can be accountable for the defensive lapses and underdeveloped jump shot. There is also a hero ball tendency in clutch situations that needs to go (and which the team must be somewhat accountable for), yet that will likely go with newer pastures.

There is no one remarkable facet to Newbill's game, yet there is a bit of most of them. Newbill can be a tremendous European guard.

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