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Aaron Gordon
SF/PF - 6'8, 235lbs - 27 years old - 8 years of NBA experience
Denver Nuggets - Acquired via trade in March 2021
  • Birthdate: 09/16/1995
  • Drafted (NBA): 4th pick, 2014
  • Pre-draft team: Arizona
  • Country: USA
  • Hand: Right
  • Agent: Calvin Andrews (SAI Sports)
2014 NBA DraftNBADrafted 4th overall by Orlando.
2nd July, 2014NBASigned four year, $18,019,640 rookie scale contract with Orlando. Included team options for 2016/17 and 2017/18.
25th October, 2015NBAOrlando exercised 2016/17 team option.
25th October, 2016NBAOrlando exercised 2017/18 team option.
6th July, 2018NBARe-signed by Orlando to a four year, $76 million contract.
Career Moves
2013 - 2014Arizona (NCAA)
June 2014 - presentOrlando Magic (NBA)
Articles about Aaron Gordon

June 29, 2017

Aaron Gordon
SF/PF, 6’9, 220lbs, 21 years old, 3 years of experience

The small forward experiment didn’t work, and nor should there ever have been one. Gordon should always have been at the power forward spot, able to switch down onto smaller opponents without being designated them full time, and developing as a stretch power forward and roll man with spacing around him, rather than being the spacing more than occasionally himself. Gordon’s numbers are down across the board, yet by far and away, his best stretch of the season was after the All-Star Break; namely, after Ibaka was traded and he could go back to power forward. From a skills development point of view, the outside shot-making is the most obvious area of improvement, but the positional correction is the key to his future. He is a difference maker as a four with his interior defence, perimeter defence and cutting. He isn’t as a three.

Player Plan: One year of rookie scale salary remaining, and extension eligible this summer. Given the poor season the year prior, pursue that to see if he can be locked up cheap before he breaks out as his rightful position next season. In light of this being unlikely, he will head to RFA.

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June 20, 2014

Aaron Gordon - I love Aaron Gordon. He could be the second best player in this draft class. So much has been made of his athletic abilities prior to and since the draft that it obscures his skills. Particularly his defensive ones, which are so very good for a freshman.

Gordon is an athlete, a passer, a defender and finisher. He is a high IQ player with some holes in his skillset but nothing he can't work out. On the defensive end of the floor, he is so advanced for his age. Gordon steps up well on D, steps out well on D, and demonstrates great discipline and good effort to go along with his length and speed. He rotates well, makes few mistakes, reads well, takes charges and has the length to block his man. He stays home, not biting on too many fakes, and recovers when he needs to. Combined his timing and anticipation with his activity on the glass, and you have yourself a defensive presence. Add a little strength, and you have yourself an NBA defensive presence.

The offensive end is a little far behind, but even there, Gordon showcases one skill that just can't be taught - his passing game. Gordon is a tremendous interior passer, so much so that he's even run a pick and roll as the ball handler on occasion. He passes on the move better than pretty much every other big man in the game, can hit a cutter when facing up on the perimeter, and can kick it back out when down in the post. His individual offense is a work in progress - most significantly, Gordon is a God awful free throw shooter who is fouled a lot accordingly, not with the worst form in the world but with hands that could probably use a little realignment. He has no go-to move, though he does like a little floater when on the drive and shoots jumpshots better than his foul shots suggest. The handle is not especially smooth and the post-up play limited, but Gordon will at least run the court and dive to open spots to get looks, and he finishes well.

Some of the skills need developing, but some are already so developed. Gordon has the body type, size, length, bounce, second jumpability, defense, IQ and potential to be one of the best at his position. I will be sad if he doesn't because I'm all in on this one.

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