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Kevin Seraphin
PF/C - 6'9, 285lbs - 34 years old - 7 years of NBA experience
Retired - Retired after 2020 season
  • Birthdate: 12/07/1989
  • Drafted (NBA): 17th pick, 2010
  • Pre-draft team: Cholet (France)
  • Country: France/Guyana
  • Hand: Right
  • Agent: -
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Articles about Kevin Seraphin

June 29, 2017

Kevin Seraphin
PF/C, 6’9, 285lbs, 27 years old, 7 year of experience

Made for a terrible pairing with the all-too-similar Jefferson, which probably should have been foreseen. Seraphin did his usual max of efficient two-point shooting on a potent combination of hook shots and mid-range catch-and-shoots, with absolutely no three-pointers or foul shots to go with it. (It’s kind of amazing how he has a field goal percentage of .551% and a true shooting percentage of only .559%). Seraphin also rebounds fairly well and protects around the basket, although he does not step up well. He is a useful reserve new-school five type and a decent model for Christmas’s future whose presence also makes Christmas obsolete.

Player Plan:Unguaranteed minimum salary for 2017/18. He is worth that money, certainly, and although he is (or should be) slightly obsolete on this team, he has no resale value on that contract, thus is perhaps best to keep.

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December 3, 2013

Washington will still need to consolidate this position during the season. The injuries to Porter, Beal and now Al Harrington are exposing a real lack of depth, particularly offensively. Backup point guard Eric Maynor has continued to struggle badly since his injury two years ago, shooting only 32% from the field, whie his backup Garrett Temple is similarly inefficient offensively but without any jump shot range and with more turnovers than assists on the season thus far. At the forward spots, Jan Vesely has finally shown some signs of life yet still provides almost nothing offensively, whilst Singleton and Trevor Booker have been mostly opportunity scorers in the NBA thus far. And the two players who can score off the bench, Harrington and Kevin Seraphin, are liabilities defensively and on the glass.

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August 12, 2010

Of the 30 first round draft picks in this past draft, 28 have signed. Rookie first rounders often sign without fanfare, and sometimes without as much as a press release, since there's not really anything to announce. With only the rarest of exceptions, first rounders were drafted to be signed straight away, so it doesn't really need breaking when, say, John Wall signed his rookie contract. (Google "Washington signs John Wall." This is the only website you will find.) Sometimes it goes unannounced before it is even announced; Wizards draftee Kevin Seraphin signed his rookie deal about a week before it was announced, in a scoop I wish I'd tried a bit harder to publicise. But regardless of how quietly these signings happen, they happen. And with Cavaliers draft pick Christian Eyenga (30th overall pick in 2009) also signing a rookie scale contract, 29 rookie contracts in total were signed this summer.

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June 27, 2010

Pick 17: When the pick is finally made, Stern is heard to say "listen to this" on his way to the podium, knowing full well that he's going to whiff on the pronunciation. He does just that, announcing that Chicago (on behalf of Washington) have drafted Keveeeeen Sair Rarfarn.

The pick is booed lustily by the Madison Square Garden crowd, far more so than anything that has gone before. "I've never heard of you! BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Trust me, though. Seraphin can play. He's a big strong old boy, and athletic to boot, who knows to stay in the post. He's not quite as good as Ed Davis, which is why he was picked behind him, yet he is a highly comparable player. I'm English, and I've got a telly, so I can promise you this.

Jon Barry speculates as to whether Seraphin will come over straight away. Washington just took on the $19 million of Hinrich just to get him, Jon. He'd better bloody come straight over.

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