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Jon Barry
SG - 6'5, 210lbs - 54 years old - 14 years of NBA experience
Retired - Retired in March 2006
  • Birthdate: 07/25/1969
  • Drafted (NBA): 21st pick, 1992
  • Pre-draft team: Georgia Tech
  • Country: USA
  • Hand: Right
  • Agent: -
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Articles about Jon Barry

March 19, 2013

Jon Barry - As was the case previously, Barry works for ABC and ESPN as an analyst and pundit.

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June 30, 2012

[...] The other significant change to the line-up sees Jon Barry replaced by Chris Broussard. Barry has done the last few NBA Draft broadcasts, and yet, for such a strong NBA role player, he never found his role on the draft team. Whereas Bilas did all the scouting reports, and Van Gundy did the funnies, Barry was left ostensibly to analyse the NBA's team needs. Unfortunately, he didn't do it very well. This is a man who last year said that Cleveland doesn't need a point guard because they had Baron Davis, only for Davis to be paid $29 million to go away two working weeks later. He then said having Anthony Randolph was a good reason for not taking Derrick Williams. Jon Barry's role had become taking fleeting looks at NBA depth charts and basing everything he said around them. Van Gundy was doing a better job of the NBA analysis than he was, and at least had the dignity to not make wild stabs in the dark as to what the draft prospects were like. (Know your limits.) Barry just didn't bring anything to the table. And so he's no longer at it.

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April 19, 2011

Brent Barry and Jon Barry - The duo followed in their dad's footsteps and became media personalities after their retirement. Brent is quite good at it, Jon isn't. Jon gets more work.

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June 27, 2010

Jon Barry starts talking about what the Bulls need here in the draft with a pick we've already learnt that they're going to be trading. Stu Scott even reminds him of this, but Barry is dogged.


Pick 19: The Celtics are up next, and the panel are discussing everything they can think of Celtics related. Stu Scott prefixes this debate by asking Jeff Van Gundy which way he leans, which is funny if you're six. Meanwhile, Jon Barry is catering to his own strengths, and has reverted to form by pointing out really obvious things about old NBA players. Did you know that Kevin Garnett will never be as good as he used to be? Jon Barry does.

Jon Barry talks about what it's like to be traded, and then Jay Bilas talks about what it's like to be waived out of training camp. Barry didn't look happy that Bilas stole his comedy moment. All of Jon Barry's comments lead to the same conclusion: Jon Barry seems to think the league needs more Jon Barry-type players. I'm not convinced.

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January 5, 2010

- Jon Barry

Jon Barry retired after the 2006 season. He now works as a commentator for ESPN.

The last time I heard Jon Barry commentate was during the Hawks' blowout of the Bulls about a month ago. Barry tried to convince the audience that Luol Deng had not realised his superstar potential, while simultaneously highlighting his inability to take anybody off the dribble. Apparently the dislogic between the two things did not hit home. He was also convinced that the reason for the Bulls struggles is a lack of post up offense, seemingly because someone told him this three years ago. "You'll never get anywhere as a jumpshooting team," says former jumpshooting specialist Jon Barry, as Joe Johnson stretches the lead to 32 with a three point jumpshot. Ho hum.

(For the record, you can get absolutely everywhere as a jumpshooting team. You just need to a) be good at jumpshooting, and b) play good defense. The Bulls are only point B intermittently, and they're woefully short on point A. So there's your real problems, Jon Barry.)

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