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Royce White
PF - 6'8, 261lbs - 33 years old - 2 years of NBA experience
Retired - Retired in 2018
  • Birthdate: 04/10/1991
  • Drafted (NBA): 16th pick, 2012
  • Pre-draft team: Iowa State
  • Country: USA
  • Hand: Right
  • Agent: -
2012 NBA DraftNBADrafted 16th overall by Houston.
24th July, 2012NBASigned four year, $7,909,700 rookie scale contract with Houston. Included team options for 2014/15 and 2015/16.
29th December, 2012D-LeagueAssigned by Houston to Rio Grande Valley Vipers of the D-League. Refused it.
12th February, 2013D-LeagueAssigned by Houston to Rio Grande Valley Vipers of the D-League.
28th April, 2013D-LeagueRecalled by Houston from Rio Grande Valley Vipers of the D-League.
13th July, 2013NBATraded by Houston, along with the draft rights to Furkan Aldemir (#53, 2012) and cash, to Philadelphia in exchange for a protected 2014 second round pick (not conveyed).
24th October, 2013NBAWaived by Philadelphia.
6th March, 2014NBASigned a 10 day contract with Sacramento.
6th March, 2014D-LeagueAssigned by Sacramento to Reno Bighorns of the D-League.
14th March, 2014D-LeagueRecalled by Sacramento from Reno Bighorns of the D-League.
16th March, 2014NBASigned a second 10 day contract with Sacramento.
8th December, 2016NBL CanadaSigned a one year contract with London Lightning.
Career Moves
2009 - 2010Minnesota (NCAA)
2010 - 2012Iowa State (NCAA)
June 2012 - July 2013Houston Rockets (NBA)
July 2013 - October 2013Philadelphia 76ers (NBA)
March 2014Sacramento Kings (NBA)
July 2015L.A. Clippers (Summer League)
December 2016 - presentLondon Lightning (NBL Canada)
Articles about Royce White

July 4, 2015

Royce White

White did not play last year, and still has precisely 24 games played in a three year professional, 20 of which were in the D-League. It's hard to know how this ends - notwithstanding the anxiety issues and the burnt bridges, it is not apparent what role White would fill on a team, or that he ever could have done. Not a defender or a shooter, White's abilities as a playmaker are heavily mitigated by not being of a sufficient talent level to merit the ball in his hands much in the first place. So on what basis would he be called up?

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December 12, 2013

Royce White - Only one year into his professional career, White is already incredibly short of suitors.

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October 10, 2013

Royce White, Philadelphia 76ers

White got a reprieve when the Sixers were paid to take him out of Houston, facilitated by one of the few executives still sympathetic to his cause. But the fact that Sam Hinkie was willing to accept him in trade whilst receiving adequate compensation in the process does not mean that he will automatically guarantee future seasons of White's contract. He is still yet to play an NBA game, is not (it appears) ever going to be free of the protocols he insists will dictate his ability to play, nor has he the indisputably high talent level that would make all the side issues more tolerable.

There is no benefit to exercising his team option -- this is not a hot commodity who needs locking up.

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June 30, 2012

Pick 16: Royce White goes next to Houston, whom Jay Bilas instantly compares in style-of-play terms to Charles Barkley. I would counter and say he's more of a Pero Cameron. But then, that's the kind of guy I am. One who makes Pero Cameron references. Never apologise for who you are. Unless you're a psychopath killer.

White is a very talented offensive player who will struggle to utilise his great talents in the NBA in anything approaching an optimum way because he's too slow and can't guard anybody. (You know who he needs behind him? OMER ASIK. Morey, Chicago will match any free agency offer, so you're going to have to trade Kevin Martin for him. It's how it is.) Nevertheless, White will produce numbers across the board....if he gets to play. Houston now has three backups to Luis Scola, including Marcus Morris and Patrick Patterson, their late lottery picks of the last two years. You'd better believe Scola is looking over his shoulder now.

This news might be bad for White's oft-documented fear of flying. According to Weakside Awareness, Houston fly the third most miles of any NBA team in a season. Van Gundy and Davis rather flippantly dismiss the issue by pointing out how nice NBA charter planes are, which they reason should help cure White's problem, but Bilas cuts them down, pointing out the possible severity of the problem and White's role model status for those who also suffer from it. Jay Bilas = analyst, humanitarian, lad.

(On the flip side, is there a more inappropriately named team for a man with a fear of flying than the Rockets?)

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