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#3 Louis Williams
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  • Height / Weight:
  • Hand:
  • Birthdate:
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  • Los Angeles Clippers
  • Acquired via trade in June 2017
  • PG/SG
  • 6'1" / 175lbs
  • Right
  • 10/27/1986
  • USA
  • 45th pick, 2005
  • South Gwinnett HS
  • 12
2005 NBA DraftNBADrafted 45th overall by Philadelphia.
18th August, 2005NBASigned a guaranteed three year contract with Philadelphia, for $450,000 in the first season and the final two seasons at the minimum salary. Included team option for 2007/08.
28th November, 2006NBAAssigned by Philadelphia to Fort Worth Flyers of the D-League.
8th December, 2006NBARecalled by Philadelphia from Fort Worth Flyers of the D-League.
30th June, 2007NBAPhiladelphia exercised 2007/08 team option.
4th August, 2008NBARe-signed by Philadelphia to a five year, $25 million contract. Included early termination option after 2011/12 season.
17th June, 2012NBAExercised early termination option.
12th July, 2012NBASigned a three year, $15,675,000 contract with Atlanta.
30th June, 2014NBATraded by Atlanta, along with the draft rights to Lucas Nogueira (#16 ,2013), to Toronto in exchange for John Salmons and a 2015 second round pick (#50, Marcus Eriksson).
9th July, 2015NBASigned a three year, $21 million contract with L.A. Lakers.
23rd February, 2017NBATraded by L.A. Lakers to Houston in exchange for Corey Brewer and a 2017 first round pick (#28, Tony Bradley).
28th June, 2017NBATraded by Houston, along with Montrezl Harrell, Kyle Wiltjer, Sam Dekker, DeAndre Liggins, Pat Beverley, Darrun Hilliard, a 2018 first round pick and cash to L.A. Clippers in exchange for Chris Paul.
Career Moves
Time PeriodTeam
June 2005 - June 2012Philadelphia 76ers (NBA)
July 2012 - June 2014Atlanta Hawks (NBA)
June 2014 - June 2015Toronto Raptors (NBA)
July 2015 - February 2017L.A. Lakers (NBA)
February 2017 - June 2017Houston Rockets (NBA)
June 2017 - presentL.A. Clippers (NBA)

January 22, 2018

Williams and [Khris] Middleton play the same position and are available for the fantasy price. And of late, both have been on a tear, particularly in their last games. Williams’s scoring tear has been well documented of late in this space and many others, yet he took his fantasy point production to the next level in the Clippers’ last game by flanking his usual production with a massive ten steals, for what was in total a colossal 70.9 fantasy point night. The steals were of course an anomaly, but the fantasy value isn’t. Meanwhile, subbing in for Giannis Antetokounmpo as the half-court go-to guy, Middleton recorded a triple double last time out, the offence running primarily through him rather than Eric Bledsoe in a way it will need to again tonight as well. Pick either, sure, but don’t rule out picking both.


December 6, 2017

Amidst the struggles of the Clippers’ season, Lou Williams is still getting his. The roster is in all kind of flux, with minutes and occasional starts for the C.J. Williams and Jamil Wilson types that should be at the end of the bench, and there is a dire need for experienced NBA players to try and keep the whole thing afloat. Williams is that, and the career year he was already having is being further enhanced by the greater responsibilities he now has in both scoring and creating for others. He is expensive, but performing above his slot.


November 30, 2017

Just as the Clippers had begun to turn it around with a three-game winning streak, Blake Griffin hurt his knee in the last minute of their last game and will miss the next two months. In his absence, someone will have to score.

Career reserve Williams is now a starter in light of Patrick Beverley and Milos Teodosic’s injuries, and his 18.6 points per game average is a career high in his thirteenth season. His 4.0 assists per game is only 0.2 off another career high, too, and with 42.6 and 50.3 fantasy points in his last two games, Williams knows what needs to be done, and will get up as many shoots as is possible. This makes him underpriced.


November 20, 2017

As the Clippers implode around him, Williams is doing his best to stem the tide. He is averaging 17.7 points and 3.4 assists per game, all from the bench, the only guard on the team able to get to the rim and finish regularly. It appears that regardless of the injuries and/or struggles ahead of him, Williams is destined to still always come off the bench, and $16.6 million is a lot for a bench player, even in fantasy. Nevertheless, he is currently performing sufficiently to be worth it.


November 10, 2017

Milos Teodosic has been out for all but the first two games of the year with injury, and now his replacement Patrick Beverley is also out with a sore knee. Furthermore, utility wing Austin Rivers seems also likely to miss tonight with a bad ankle. Therefore, regular shooting guard starter Williams now defaults to being the main point guard for the Clippers until they recover. Williams is not cheap, and while his 14.4 point, 3.3 assist per game averages are quite tidy, they are not especially good fantasy value at this price, especially with very few rebounds or steals to flank them. But add a few assists to that title, as he might now do for a bit, and it could be.


June 29, 2017

Lou Williams
PG/SG, 6’1, 175lbs, 30 years old, 12 years of experience

Absolutely fantastic in a fairly responsibility-free role with the Lakers to begin the season, then returned to Earth somewhat with the Rockets. On the season as a whole, shot 60.8% at the rim and 36.5% from three-point range, not attempting a whole bunch in between, but was very inconsistent with the Rockets, and wasn’t so much a freelance offensive threat as he was an unreliable forcer of the issue. His shooting percentages plummeted, and as always, he contributed little defensively. As a full season of work, it was a good year for Williams. The Rockets just got the lesser third.

Player Plan: One year and $7 million remaining. There will not be resale value going forward, nor has he quite achieved what he was brought in to do. Williams should thus be retained, allowed to shoot, encouraged to pass to the crowd less, and see what happens.