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Michael Beasley
SF/PF - 6'9, 235lbs - 35 years old - 11 years of NBA experience
Free agent - Last played with Brooklyn (2020)
  • Birthdate: 01/09/1989
  • Drafted (NBA): 2nd pick, 2008
  • Pre-draft team: Kansas State
  • Country: USA
  • Hand: Left
  • Agent: Jim Tanner/Derrick Powell (Tandem Sports)
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Articles about Michael Beasley

June 29, 2017

Michael Beasley
SF/PF, 6’9, 235lbs, 28 years old, 9 years of experience

Without quite hitting the highs of his career rejuvenation part-season of work with Houston last year, Beasley nevertheless had a good season. Back in NBA rotations, Beasley still got up the shots, but this time hit them at a career high .584% true shooting percentage, doing so still without a three-point stroke of note. Beasley shot 45.9% on jump shots, mostly from two, and sometimes out of isolation plays that were pretty welcomed considering the team’s overall personnel. Can’t seem to figure out Kidd’s defence, but at this point, oh well.

Player Plan: Expiring minimum salary contract. He represents good value as a bench player on one of those. But for more than that, he should probably be someone else’s.

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January 3, 2014

Miami - Michael Beasley and Roger Mason: The rejuvenated Beasley averages 10.7 points in only 18 minutes per contest and will not be cut. And while Mason is the logic cut to open up a roster spot should Miami see fit to do so - for someone like, say, Bynum - he is sufficiently capable in his role of low mistake three point shooter to merit sticking on his play alone.

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October 1, 2013

In the past four NBA seasons, there have been 208 occasions on which a player has scored 40 or more points - regular season and playoffs combined. Fifty-seven players have combined for those 208 outbursts, including such unlikely names such as Luis Scola, C.J. Watson and C.J. Miles.

Most of the players are stars, or were stars at the time. Many still are. But some of those players have fallen from this intermittent grace so badly that they now only earn the minimum salary.

Despite their proven potency, Nick Young, Al Harrington, Anthony Morrow, Aaron Brooks and Michael Beasley are now earning as little as a player can - in the case of Beasley, not one dollar of this minimum is even guaranteed. This was agreed to less than three calendar years from his 42-point game, quite the backwards progression.

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