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Alec Burks
PG/SG/SF - 6'5, 214lbs - 32 years old - 12 years of NBA experience
Detroit Pistons - Acquired via trade in July 2022
  • Birthdate: 07/20/1991
  • Drafted (NBA): 12th pick, 2011
  • Pre-draft team: Colorado
  • Country: USA
  • Hand: Right
  • Agent: J.R. Hensley (YouFirst)
2011 NBA DraftNBADrafted 12th overall by Utah.
9th December, 2011NBASigned four year, $9,367,716 rookie scale contract with Utah. Included team options for 2013/14 and 2014/15.
26th October, 2012NBAUtah exercised 2013/14 team option.
29th October, 2013NBAUtah exercised 2014/15 team option
31st October, 2014NBASigned a four year, $41 million extension with Utah.
9th January, 2017D-LeagueAssigned by Utah to Salt Lake City Stars of the D-League.
10th January, 2017D-LeagueRecalled by Utah from Salt Lake City Stars of the D-League.
11th January, 2017D-LeagueAssigned by Utah to Salt Lake City Stars of the D-League.
12th January, 2017D-LeagueRecalled by Utah from Salt Lake City Stars of the D-League.
29th November, 2018NBATraded by Utah, along with a 2020 second round pick and a 2021 second round pick, to Cleveland in exchange for Kyle Korver.
7th February, 2019NBAAs a part of a three team deal, traded by Cleveland to Sacramento, along with Nik Stauskas, Wade Baldwin and a 2021 second round pick to Houston, in exchange for Brandon Knight, Marquese Chriss, a 2019 first round pick and a 2022 second round pick from Houston.
Career Moves
2009 - 2011Colorado (NCAA)
June 2011 - November 2018Utah Jazz (NBA)
November 2018 - February 2019Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA)
February 2019 - presentSacramento Kings (NBA)
Articles about Alec Burks

September 12, 2018

The Jazz should be good this year, thus making Burks something of an anomaly on this list. Rarely does the highly likely playoff team (which a strong, disciplined, defensive and deep Utah team should be even in the ever-improved Western Conference) have a possible buyout candidate - they are normally the ones looking to take on the depth. Nevertheless, there is an outside chance at such an eventuality in the case of Burks, a player who looks to have been squeezed out of a place with the Jazz. Burks's knack for the acrobatic teams with his knack for the absurd to make for quite the enigma, someone far from reliable on the court (or indeed in his ability to even take the court considering his myriad injuries of late), but who, on a good day, can make a big impact once on it. He is the closest thing the league has to a second Lance Stephenson. And Lance Stephenson can be helpful.

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June 29, 2017

Alec Burks
PG/SG/SF, 6’6, 214lbs, 25 years old, 6 years of experience

Burks had a third consecutive season riddled with injury, having played only 100 regular season games over the last three. This alone makes him unreliable, and his place in the rotation has been filled, meaning that during the times he is available, Burks has to fit in around an established rotation. His flexibility is beneficial here – Burks’s quality handle in a body type able to play both shooting guard and small forward makes him quite pliable in that regard. But the injuries seem to have taken away the finishing ability at the rim, and the defence, and (this year at least) the spot-up shooting. The prime, healthy Burks was a utility guy who could get his own off the dribble, handle if you needed, spot-up adequately, defend multiple positions, and bail out bad possessions with some great drives and finishes. He needs to get back to that.

Player Plan: Two years and circa. $22.4 million remaining, without options. For a healthy and productive Alec Burks, that’s a good price, but we need to see a healthy and productive Alec Burks again first. The rotation at the positions he plays has gotten very full, and while his contract outlasts Johnson’s, he is not going to redeem his value if he cannot stay healthy and/or get regular minutes. A movable contract that might need moving, barring a big comeback.

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July 8, 2013

Alec Burks

Burks stagnated a bit as a sophomore, although the signs of improved range are positive. The arrival of Burke should facilitate his offense from now on and improve his efficiency, and the apparent commitment to the youth movement means he shouldn't lack for opportunity from here on out. You can't commit to a youth movement if you're DNP-CDing your lottery picks.

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June 25, 2011

Pick 12: Minutes after the first shooting guard goes, Stern emerges from his portal to the underworld to announce the second has gone straight after him. Utah drafts Alec Burks of Colorado, who instantly becomes their best shooting guard. During his interview with Mark Jones, Burks licks his lips a lot.

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June 23, 2011

Alec Burks - Burks has played his way up the draft board throughout the course of the season, to the point where he is now near the very top. He may be the best in yet another weakened shooting guard draft class - where did all the good shooting guards go? - and is a wanted prospect because of his combination of aggression and skill.

Burks is a big if somewhat thin guard, a slender 6'6 with a 6'10 wing span, who, save for a lack of a three point stroke, boasts a pretty strong all-around game. He's a 20ppg scorer and interested rebounder, an aggressive and tireless slasher who runs the court well, and barrels his way to the basket in the halfcourt to take the contact and finish, moreso than anyone else listed below. He also hits floaters and some mid-range twos, although given the inefficiency of these shots, this is not necessarily to his credit. At this point in his curve, Burks is not a particularly good defender, but he has the size and the effort to become one. And importantly, as of the time of the draft, he will still only be 19. Long way to go.

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