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Chandler Parsons
SF/PF - 6'9, 230lbs - 35 years old - 9 years of NBA experience
Retired - Retired in 2021
  • Birthdate: 10/25/1988
  • Drafted (NBA): 38th pick, 2011
  • Pre-draft team: Florida
  • Country: USA
  • Hand: Right
  • Agent: -
2011 NBA DraftNBADrafted 38th overall by Houston.
3rd September, 2011FranceSigned a two month contract with Cholet.
31st October, 2011FranceLeft Cholet.
17th December, 2011NBASigned a partially guaranteed four year, $3,629,500 contract with Houston. Included team option for 2014/15.
30th June, 2014NBAHouston declined 2014/15 team option.
10th July, 2014NBASigned a three year, $46,084,500 offer sheet with Dallas. Included player option for 2016/17.
13th July, 2014NBAHouston declined to match Dallas's offer sheet.
22nd June, 2016NBADeclined 2016/17 player option.
7th July, 2016NBASigned a four year maximum value contract ($94,441,223) with Memphis.
Career Moves
2007 - 2011Florida (NCAA)
September 2011 - October 2011Cholet (France)
December 2011 - June 2014Houston Rockets (NBA)
July 2014 - June 2016Dallas Mavericks (NBA)
July 2016 - presentMemphis Grizzlies (NBA)
Articles about Chandler Parsons

June 29, 2017

Chandler Parsons
SF, 6’10, 230lbs, 28 years old, 6 years of experience

Clearly injured, when he wasn't supposed to be. Absolutely, totally, completely, colossally ineffective when he did play, scoring worse than Tony Allen and defending about as well as Troy Daniels. Parsons contributed absolutely nothing, and did so for a max salary. It could not have gone worse. The healthy Parsons still isn't worth a max salary, yet he will at least bring something. As of right now, Parsons is a sunk cost. And health going forward is far from assumed.

Player Plan: Three years and circa. $72.325 million remaining with no options. Needs a bounce-back in the worst way. Last year, he was both untradeable and unplayable. Needs to get healthy and be at least one of the two, to stop this becoming a sunk cost.

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June 25, 2011

Before announcing the 38th pick, Adam Silver announces the three team Milwaukee/Charlotte/Sacramento trade of 12,000 words ago. He is even more behind than ESPN. Silver then announces Houston's selection of Chandler Parsons, who figures to push Terrence Williams further down the depth chart.

As popular as Adam Silver is, and should be, I could handle if it second round picks were announced by an assortment of random celebrities. While drunk.

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June 23, 2011

Chandler Parsons - Parsons was once just a physical specimen, although I guess we all were when we were merely sperm. He stood 6'10 and athletic, with a small forward's mindset, an intriguing mix. He slowly added some muscle to the frame and some skill to the athleticism, and became something of a point forward, a capable secondary or tertiary ball handler with good passing vision. He also improved his shot to the point that he was a decent catch-and-shoot player from the outside, although his free throw percentage remains truly God awful. However, Parson's ability to create in the halfcourt, either for himself or others, was not that good. He passed for a very nice 3.8 points per game, but he wasn't collapsing the defense regularly to do it, and he scored only 11.3 points per game for himself. He carries clout over someone like D.J. Kennedy simply because he's bigger, but a role for Parsons in the NBA is not immediately obvious. Not unless he becomes like Brian Cardinal or Brian Scalabrine. (That is intended as a compliment, although it probably won't be interpreted as such.)

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March 17, 2011

The Gators try play defense at every position. Erving Walker may be small for a point guard, but he's quick, works hard, and is disruptive; Kenny Boynton may be small for a shooting guard, but he's quick, works hard, and is disruptive. Chandler Parsons is big for a small forward, and yet he's quick, works hard and is disruptive. Alex Tyus bounds about with great energy, even he doesn't have the cliched energy player dreads any more. Vernon Macklin is an immovable object in the middle. And Patric Young, the freshman off the bench, is a future SEC DPOY. He really is, and you can quote me. Florida have always landed good big men, and with Young in the mix, they're right back at it.

The Gators' offense remains perimeter-oriented, led by the good outside shooting and optimistic shot selection of the small backcourt duo of Walker and Boynton. Both are good shooters with about 27 feet of range, but neither is a point guard, despite their body types. They don't like to pass, or penetrate the lane much, unless it's in transition. Instead, they pester opponents on defense, get the ball upcourt, and then look to cast up threes. This greatly helps or greatly hinders, depending on whether said shots go in. It therefore benefits Florida that Chandler Parsons is such a willing passer, as someone has to. Parsons is a big point forward, quality defender, good secondary ball handler and useful rebounder with good athleticism, much improved strength, and a much improved jumpshot. God awful free throw shooting aside, Parsons has rounded into a very nice role player, the team leader in both rebounds and assists, also chipping in 12 points per game.

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