#21 David West
  • Team:
  • Position:
  • Height / Weight:
  • Hand:
  • Birthdate:
  • Country:
  • Drafted (NBA):
  • Out Of:
  • NBA Seasons:
  • Golden State Warriors
  • Signed as a free agent in July 2016
  • PF
  • 6'9" / 250lbs
  • Right
  • 08/29/1980
  • USA
  • 18th pick, 2003
  • Xavier (Ohio)
  • 14
2003 NBA DraftNBADrafted 18th overall by New Orleans.
8th July, 2003NBASigned four year, $5,793,418 rookie scale contract with New Orleans. Included team option for 2006/07.
31st October, 2005NBANew Orleans exercised 2006/07 team option.
30th October, 2006NBASigned a five year, $45.4 million extension with New Orleans. Included early termination option after 2010/11 season.
27th June, 2011NBAExercised early termination option.
13th December, 2011NBASigned a two year, $20 million contract with Indiana.
10th July, 2013NBARe-signed by Indiana to a three year, $36.6 million contract. Included player option for 2015/16.
30th June, 2015NBADeclined 2015/16 player option.
17th July, 2015NBASigned a guaranteed two year minimum salary contract with San Antonio. Included player option for 2016/17.
13th June, 2016NBADeclined 2016/17 player option.
9th July, 2016NBASigned a guaranteed one year minimum salary contract with Golden State.
6th July, 2017NBARe-signed by Golden State to a guaranteed one year minimum salary contract.
Career Moves
Time PeriodTeam
1999 - 2003Xavier (NCAA)
June 2003 - June 2011New Orleans Hornets (NBA)
July 2011 - June 2015Indiana Pacers (NBA)
July 2015 - June 2016San Antonio Spurs (NBA)
July 2016 - presentGolden State Warriors (NBA)

November 18, 2017

Having broken out as a passer last season at the tender age of 36, West has decided at age 37 to break out as a shot blocker. He has blocked 1.4 shots per game across his first 14 contests, doing so at a rate of 4.2 blocks per 36 minutes against a career average of a mere 1.0. You could argue this means a regression to the mean is inevitable, and maybe it is; nevertheless, between this new development, his continuing assists numbers and his steady diet of foul-line jumper points, West has averaged 18.3 fantasy points over the last four games, and is a legitimate option in this price range.


June 29, 2017

David West
PF, 6’9, 250lbs, 36 years old, 14 years of experience

Who knew he was such a good passer? Recorded a 24.1% assist percentage having only once prior been above 16.8% in the previous 13 years, and while this was something that has been improving steadily throughout his career, this became his most important asset. West also posted a career high block percentage, again by quite some way, and shot 50.4% on the 16-23 feet two-pointers no one is supposed to be able to shoot 50%+ on. Can’t do much more than that as a role player.

Player Plan: Expiring minimum salary. As above. Unless he wants to make some of his $12.6 million back.