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#7 Carmelo Anthony
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  • Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Acquired via trade in September 2017
  • SF/PF
  • 6'8" / 240lbs
  • Right
  • 05/29/1984
  • USA/Puerto Rico
  • 3rd pick, 2003
  • Syracuse
  • 14
2003 NBA DraftNBADrafted 3rd overall by Denver.
17th July, 2003NBASigned four year, $15,108,241 rookie scale contract with Denver. Included team option for 2006/07.
28th October, 2005NBADenver exercised 2006/07 team option.
13th July, 2006NBASigned a five year maximum value extension ($78,899,560) with Denver. Included early termination option after 2010/11 season.
22nd February, 2011NBAAs a part of a three team deal, traded by Denver to New York, along with Chauncey Billups, Shelden Williams, Renaldo Balkman and Anthony Carter, and a 2015 second round pick (#37, Richaun Holmes) to Minnesota, in exchange for Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, Timofey Mozgov, Raymond Felton, a 2014 first round pick (#12, Dario Saric), a 2012 second round pick (#38, Quincy Miller), a 2013 second round pick (#51, Romero Osby), the right to swap 2016 first round picks (exercised; Denver moved from #9 and Jakob Poeltl to #7 and Jamal Murray) and cash from New York, and Kosta Koufos from Minnesota. Concurrently declined early termination option and signed a three year, $67,222,422 extension. Extension included early termination option after 2013/14 season.
22nd June, 2014NBAExercised early termination option.
14th July, 2014NBARe-signed by New York to a five year, $124,064,681 contract. Included early termination option after 2017/18 season.
25th September, 2017NBATraded by New York to Oklahoma City in exchange for Enes Kanter, Doug McDermott and a 2018 second round pick.
Career Moves
Time PeriodTeam
2002- 2003Syracuse (NCAA)
June 2003 - February 2011Denver Nuggets (NBA)
February 2011 - September 2017New York Knicks (NBA)
September 2017 - presentOklahoma City Thunder (NBA)

June 29, 2017

Carmelo Anthony
SF/PF, 6’8, 240lbs, 33 years old, 14 years of experience

Anthony’s effectiveness wanes year on year, to the point that last season’s numbers were pretty much on a par with those of his sophomore season twelve years ago, before he joined the elite. As his mobility dwin-dles, it becomes slightly harder to get to his favourite spots, slightly harder to push off for the fallaways when he gets there, and the gravity is not as strong as a result. Never a defender and a declining rebounder, the offensive game does not overcome the weaknesses as well as it did. A change of scenery and the change of role it brings would be for the best for his career.

Player Plan: Two years and circa. $54.13 million remaining, with an ETO after this season he likely won’t exercise. The book’s out on his declining play, so a buyout seems like the likely result.


February 26, 2011

New York and New Jersey made the two biggest moves by acquiring the two All-Stars, Williams and Anthony. The Knicks finally closed the deal on the Anthony saga, their additional acquisition of Chauncey Billups and their retention of Landry Fields keeping the price tag just about on the right of 'acceptable.' Meanwhile, the Nets's genuinely staggering trade for Williams, whilst ultimately a backup plan, turned out to be better then their original plan. If their intention was to chase Melo for half a year, then give up and trade less in a deal for a better, cheaper player with less mileage on the clock, then they pulled it off beautifully.


Carmelo Anthony's trade kicker, equal to the lesser of 5% of his remaining salary or $1 million, was not activated upon his trade to the Knicks. He was already earning the maximum salary, and putting a trade kicker amount on top of that would have pushed his salary above the maximum, which is not legal. Therefore, his trade kicker was not invoked, and his salary remained unchanged. (It could therefore be argued that this trade kicker was redundant from the start, and needn't have been included at all. Probably true. But it was put in anyway, just in case the cap had grown beyond all reprehension since the date he signed the deal. As it turns out, the global economy went the other way, we had a recession, and I lost my job. Swings and roundabouts.)