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#50 Lavoy Allen
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  • Free agent
  • Last played with Indiana (2017)
  • PF
  • 6'9" / 260lbs
  • Right
  • 02/04/1989
  • USA
  • 50th pick, 2011
  • Temple
  • 6
2011 NBA DraftNBADrafted 50th overall by Philadelphia.
13th July, 2011FranceSigned a one year contract with Strasbourg. Included opt-out clause upon end of the NBA lockout.
3rd December, 2011FranceOpted out to return to the NBA.
9th December, 2011NBASigned a partially guaranteed one year minimum salary contract with Philadelphia.
11th July, 2012NBARe-signed by Philadelphia to a two year, $6.06 million contract.
20th February, 2014NBATraded by Philadelphia, along with Evan Turner, to Indiana in exchange for Danny Granger and a 2015 second round pick (#60, Luka Mitrovic).
11th July, 2014NBARe-signed by Indiana to a guaranteed one year minimum salary contract.
27th July, 2015NBARe-signed by Indiana to a three year, $12,050,000 contract. Included team option for 2017/18.
23rd June, 2017NBAIndiana declined 2017/18 team option.
Career Moves
Time PeriodTeam
2007 - 2011Temple (NCAA)
July 2011 - December 2011Strasbourg (France)
December 2011 - February 2014Philadelphia 76ers (NBA)
February 2014 - June 2017Indiana Pacers (NBA)

June 29, 2017

Lavoy Allen
PF, 6’9, 260lbs, 28 years old, 6 years of experience

By the end of the season, Allen had won Jefferson’s rotation spot, which speaks to the surprising dependability of a man who took 168 shots to score 177 points. Limited to the mid-ranger, the extra pass and the gimme offensively, Allen finds his uses by going to the offensive glass, although his lack of foot speed made for a limited impact on perimeter defence. The same can also be said of Jefferson, Seraphin and Christmas. Are all four really needed? Are three? Two? Can Indiana not just pick one?

Player Plan: Expiring $4 million contract. With respect to a decent role player, this is the type of mid-range contract that, if it is not going to be used to structure big deals or deal for some small draft value, should not be given out any longer. Would be worthy of a minimum salary but has not earned above that.


July 6, 2014

Lavoy Allen - Allen was the third part of the Danny Granger/Evan Turner trade, but has barely improved in three years. He is still one of the most inefficient scorers in the league - he can hit a mid-range shot, but he only takes them, and there's nothing efficient about a mid range jump shot. You have to hit 50% of them just to score a point per possession, with very few foul shots in the process, and Allen has yet to add the three point range to it. On the plus side, the rest of his game outside of scoring is very solid. He picked up his rebounding rate last year, still passes well, and defends through physicality, temperament and IQ rather than length or athleticism. Allen is said to already have agreed a deal to re-sign with the Pacers, which makes plenty of sense, because he is a very solid backup power forward. They can now waive Luis Scola, save money, and lose little.


June 25, 2011

The Sixers then take Lavoy Allen, a man not featured on many draft boards, at #50. The quickfire picks of college players back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back have seen Jay Bilas dominate the broadcast, giving only a minute's respite between minute-long breakdowns before he's straight back on the horse. In the case of Lavoy, perhaps three words would have sufficed; Udonis Haslem potential.