Thursday, December 16, 2010

Finances of the Terrence Williams/Sergei Lishouk trade

The only picture of Joe Smith ever taken in which he is not smiling broadly.

Yesterday, a three way trade went down between the L.A. Lakers, Houston Rockets and New Jersey Nets that saw four picks, three players and one set of redundant draft rights get rehomed just in time for Christmas.

- Houston dealt: Lottery protected first round draft pick to New Jersey; draft rights to Sergei Lishouk to L.A.
- Houston received: Terrence Williams from New Jersey.

- L.A. Lakers dealt: Sasha Vujacic and their 2011 first round draft pick to New Jersey.
- L.A. Lakers received: Joe Smith, New Jersey's 2011 second round pick and Chicago's 2012 second round pick from New Jersey; the rights to Sergei Lishouk from Houston.

- New Jersey dealt: Terrence Williams to Houston; Joe Smith and the two second rounders to L.A.
- New Jersey received: Sasha Vujacic and the two first rounders.

All teams arguably profit from the move, which is how trades should be. The Lakers saved money, and somehow snagged two second round picks in the bargain when they probably would still have been quite happy to do the deal without them. Houston gained a player probably better than the one they would have drafted with that pick, and New Jersey freed themselves of a problematic backup while piling on two first round picks, which they can now either use as trade bait or use to acquire yet more backups. Everyone was a winner, except for Vujacic.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chinese Basketball Association Imports, 2010/11

The first two rounds of games in the 2010/11 Chinese Basketball Association were played this week, giving us an opportunity to confirm once and for all who is actually playing there. With no major English language version of a Chinese Basketball Association website available - other than perhaps here - accurate information as to signings is hard to find. We are reliant upon snippets, leaks, the occasional accurate translation, and often the players themselves.

This is a pity because of the calibre and volume of import players to be found within that league. Every year China lands quality former and fringe NBA talent, normally fairly athletic ex-NBA big men, who put up double doubles and dominate amongst domestic players without the athleticism and strength to stop them. And it's fun to watch their statlines as they do it.

This year, it appears, will be the year of the guard.

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