"Gordan Giricek on trial for death threats against his wife."
November 9th, 2010

Whilst Googling for news about whether or not former Jazz and Suns guard Gordan Giricek had re-signed with his former team, Cibona Zagreb, I found something astonishing and very different. Very, very different.

The quote in the post title is a translation of the headline of this article from Croatian daily newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija. The full translation is reprinted below:

Croatian basketball player who plays in the NBA, Gordan Giricek, was examined yesterday at the Zagreb County Court as a suspect for the death threats against his ex-wife Natasha Gulan and her mother, Gordana.

Upon application of his ex-wife, the Municipal Public odjetništvo filed another half a year ago the County Court a request for investigative action against Giricek.

It charged that in late August last year while their daughter was with him on vacation in Selce, threatened by phone Natasha said: “I’m gonna kill you! Did you hear me? I’ll kill you! “.

Similar threats later, according to the report, sent to the former mother in law.

Gordan Giricek was yesterday before the investigative judge Vanda Sento argued that the statements of his ex-wife’s completely untrue, so it was denied a criminal offense.

Online translators, even really good ones, are prone to throwing up ambiguous or non-sensical results. There doesn’t appear to be much ambiguity here, however. The report seems clear enough.

EDIT: The story is two years old. Did not see that.

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  1. Marjan9 November, 2010, 4:16 pm

    The above mentioned article is from June 2008. This is the article I have published today on regarding potential Cibona's acquisition of Giricek:

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