Sunday, December 13, 2009

D-League transactions, from lately until now

Last year was my first year of watching college basketball. It was also the first year it appeared regularly on British TV. Those two things are related.

I watched every game I could get my hands on, everything across the spectrum. From North Carolina and Duke to Morehead State and Cornell (with about seven trillion UConn games along the way), I watched as much of the game as I could, and took copious notes on the back of every bank statement I own. (I really should buy some paper.) It didn't take long for Syracuse to emerge as my favourite NCAA team. The reasons for that:

1) The Orange uniforms are well nice.
2) They had about 786 televised games over here for some reason.
3) They only played seven guys, one of whom was an unskilled Belgian.
4) Jim Boeheim's wife is hot.
5) Eric Devendorf has a potty mouth.

Devendorf declared for the draft after his junior year, apparently believing he had a chance of being drafted when he didn't even remotely have one. After going undrafted, he worked out at length with the Knicks and Lakers, but amazingly they decided that an undersized decent jumpshooter with awful defense and a recklessness problem was not the kind of player that their team needed. So Devendorf wasn't able to get an NBA contract of any kind.

After that, he was reported to be mulling over numerous European offers, the most concrete of which was with an unnamed Israeli team at the start of last month. However, none of them came to pass, and 8 months after leaving Syracuse, Devendorf remains unsigned. It won't be for much longer, though, as he is reported to be headed for the D-League. This, too, hasn't happened yet. But there's no obstacles in the way this time.

In other D-League transactions, some players from recent NBA training camps have joined the league. The Springfield Armor have acquired Morris Almond - a first round draft pick only two years ago and a huge scorer in D-League years past - as well as T.J. Cummings, a former Bucks camp invite with an awesome name who was taken in the fourth round of the past D-League draft by the Idaho Stampede before being silently released. The Tulsa 66ers brought back Steven Hill, who they had earlier released due to injury, and after three shocking years in the NBA and an unsuccessful preseason tour of Greece, Cedric Simmons now arrives in the D-League to join the Idaho Stampede. In only his first game there, he got hit in the face by Maurice Baker, who got suspended for his actions. Good times.

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